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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 303

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Episode 303:

Negotiation (3)

This is a meeting about a peace agreement, so it must be peaceful in itself.

It was a natural story that was also specified in the ‘war treaty’ concluded between the empire and the revolutionary army.

‘But you used divine magic to spread an army out there?’

It means that if I make a mistake, they will immediately come in and subdue me with force.

This meeting place could turn into an execution site or a stage for a hostage situation.

However, I brought two dragons that were unmatched in single combat power.

‘Asymmetrical power where each person can take charge of one corps.’

That may be why they were so embarrassed when Terkiod and Vinocharas appeared.

Anyway, nothing has been revealed right now.

I pretended to be calm and continued the conversation.

“Now what would you like to propose?”

We had to put the condition of Gilad Gordin on the table and play tug-of-war.

When I asked, the three people looked in different directions and were lost in thought.

Then Erek Kaid opened his mouth.

“This is a prisoner exchange, so we will also offer up prisoners. “We will repatriate the imperial prisoners held in the dungeons of Aurax.”

“Imperial prisoners?”

“Yes, as far as I know, there are about 100 Imperial soldiers in custody. “There are not only ordinary soldiers but also many knight-level officers.”

At first glance, it seemed like good conditions.

However, having performed the prisoner rescue quest in < New Verse >, I twisted my lips.

“Aren’t just four vice presidents a majority?”


“There are only four Imperial Knights locked up in your dungeons. They are all second-class knights. And among ordinary soldiers, the majority are ‘converts,’ aren’t they?”


In the original game, players can receive a request from Elon Royt and perform a quest to infiltrate Auracus and rescue imperial prisoners.

It’s called ‘You really came to save me!’ quest.

But as you proceed, you discover a strange fact.

‘The soldiers who make up the majority of those rescued are not actually prisoners of war, but hopeful converts who crossed the camp because they wanted to join the revolutionary army.’

The revolutionary army does not accept their conversion and tries to make a deal with the imperial army by accusing them of being spies or defining them as prisoners of war.

The Imperial Army was keeping quiet about this and was trying to handle the request by entrusting it to the player.

In short, this too was a scam.

‘Where are you saying nonsense that doesn’t even work?’

I couldn’t stand the overlapping of scammer characters.

“Would you like to save Gilad Gordin with four second-class knights and a few soldiers from the Empire? “Wouldn’t that be rude to Captain Gordin?”


As I stared at him, Erek Kaid laughed.

He scratched his forehead with a complicated expression.

“I was told in advance to be careful, but I never thought it would be like this. “How do you know all that?”

“Did the commander tell you to be careful of me?”

“…He said that he was the greatest scoundrel who would cut off the nose of someone with normal eyesight.”

“Please tell me thank you very much for the high praise.”

The ultimate scoundrel.

Jerez Magria, who had been stabbed in the back by me just before returning, might have thought so.

Anyway, I had no intention of handing over Gilad Gordin for such a low price.

‘Even if the negotiation table falls over and a knife fight breaks out right now.’

I was expecting that they would commit fraud at least once.

Actually, there was one thing I wanted to achieve from my point of view.

It’s a condition that the revolutionary army will never allow, so they are just refusing to be the first to lose.

But something unexpected happened.

“What about the autonomy of Prince ‘Khaibar Plateau’?”


Montana Walt, who had been quiet the whole time, suddenly opened his mouth.

Coincidentally, it was the moment when the condition I had been wanting in my heart appeared.

I frowned as I looked at the bald-headed warrior.

‘Is this a trap?’

But you can’t not step on it?


Prince Giloshan, who is rumored to be the next emperor.

In fact, the inner feelings of the three people toward him were different.

‘An agreement must be concluded with appropriate conditions.’

Erek Kaid was opposed to this war from the beginning, but could not defy Gilad Gordin, who had received orders from the commander-in-chief.

The deputy leader was a moderate who wanted to resolve this meeting as best as possible.

On the contrary, there were also hardliners.

‘If necessary, we will overturn the table and capture or kill the prince.’

None other than Archbishop Handel Frei.

In a way, it was a choice worthy of a priest who serves the god of vengeance.

However, the vice-chancellor did not expect that the archbishop would prepare an ambush by joining hands with his fateful rival, the Church of Cysiris.

That was why there was a hint of confusion at the beginning of the meeting.

And the person who was neutral between the two was Montana Walt.

‘I can’t give up much. However, taking out a knife in a meeting room is a violation of the treaty and should be avoided.’

The border guard had the opinion that he could not support either side.

That’s why I stayed silent the whole time without saying a single word.

But in an instant, my mind changed.

There were two reasons.

‘You don’t want Gilad to die either? ‘It doesn’t seem like empty words, but something sincere.’

Although there was an incredible offensive of dragons and magic bombardment, Gilad Gordin was caught due to his own mistake.

Since he made a great feat of capturing the enemy general at the beginning of the war, there could have been an air of boastfulness.

Unexpectedly, the 3rd Prince spoke about Gilad Gordin with sincerity.

‘Not a very bad guy.’

And I came to the conclusion that he was definitely not an easy negotiation partner.

On the contrary, it feels like our troops did not prepare properly.

If things were left like this, the vice-chancellor might get ripped off down to his underwear, or the archbishop might actually overturn the table and pull out his sword.

That’s why I intervened without hesitation.

“What about the autonomy of Prince ‘Khaibar Plateau’?”

In an instant, all eyes were on me.

The prince tilted his head, and the vice-chancellor and archbishop suddenly widened their eyes, wondering what he was talking about.

But Montana Walt continued talking.

“It’s not as big as the Halhendra Plain, but the Khaibar Plateau is also a place where the revolutionary army and the imperial army often clash, right? “It is a condition for us to hand over its autonomy.”


Third Prince Gilroshan remains silent.

Meanwhile, on the side, the vice-chancellor and the archbishop began exchanging fierce glances.

‘Let it be so, Archbishop.’

‘That’s ridiculous! Why does Khaibar Plateau appear here now? ‘It has nothing to do with it!’

It was one of the strategic locations for the revolutionary army.

Giving up the Kaibar Plateau could also be considered a significant loss.

While the two were having a snowball fight in silence, Giloshan quietly opened his mouth.

“It’s fun. I wonder why Captain Walt chose that place to hang it. “Can you answer me?”

Why the Khaibar Plateau?

At that question, Montana Walt scratched the side of his head.

“Guilard said that a few days ago. I heard that low-level demons keep being discovered on the Kaibar Plateau? But when I reported it to the commander-in-chief, he said this.”


“There is a separate owner there, so there is no need for us to touch it. That’s why I tried it. “I wonder if that separate owner is the Empire.”


The corners of Giloshan’s mouth twitched briefly.

The three waited with bated breath to see what he would say.

‘Please take it, prince.’

‘Damn it. ‘We’re bleeding too much!’

‘Those red eyes are truly mesmerizing.’

At that time, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief, the Archbishop, and the Border Guard Commander had different thoughts.

The prince’s mouth opened again.

“great. “Please do so.”


Erek Kaid was inwardly delighted, but Handel Frei’s expression was greatly distorted.

An archbishop who served a god of vengeance could never engage in a losing business.

However, she did not pull out the hilt of the sword.

“Instead, our empire will also offer something a little more. “Right now the scales are tilted so heavily that I feel like I’m going to get upset.”

“yes? Then what in the empire…?”

“We will also release prisoners other than Gilad Gordin. We will also repatriate the body of union leader Janet Lorix. Of course, I won’t hold her responsible for breaking into Kertion and attacking me.”


That was all discovered, too.

The three people’s minds were busy.

There are about 300 revolutionary prisoners currently being held by the empire.

The conclusion was quickly reached.

‘If we do this, we’re not bad.’

Handel Frei, who was leaning towards the table as if he were about to run out, retreated to the back of his chair.

It meant accepting the conditions.

“Oh, it’s so good. As a token of gratitude, our revolutionary army will also release the imperial army prisoners.”

Also, I glared once at Erek Kaid’s words, but since it was burdensome to house prisoners in this situation, I decided to follow him.

From the Aeolem Church’s perspective, the best solution was to end the talks without armed conflict.

‘Luckily, that old lady won’t be active.’

It was a vain move for the Church of Cysiris, but if things continued like this, there was nothing for Philippa Jane to do.

The three people stood up side by side.

“I’m glad we were able to end the war.”

“Thank you for looking after Gilad.”

“He is a really scary person.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”


[The unexpected event ‘Trade of Peace’ ends.]

[What the player has acquired from the opponent is ‘Halhendra Fortress City’, ‘Autonomy of Khaibar Plateau’, and ‘Multiple Prisoners of War’.]

[ What the opponent obtained from the player was ‘Titan Special Captain Gilad Gordin’, ‘multiple prisoners of war’, and ‘the corpse of the Covenant leader Janet Lorix’.] Gilroshan was looking at the system message that appeared before his eyes


It was a great harvest to acquire the problematic plateau where the demon city ‘Belalux’ was built in the previous episode.

Maybe even at this very moment, demons are coming in and out, building a secret city underground.

Gilroshan was eyeing that place as his next destination.

“I will send a separate envoy to handle the drafting of the agreement.”

“Yes, of course.”

The moment when the precarious meeting, which felt like walking on thin ice, was coming to an end.

-father! About 50 armed troops from the enemy side have appeared and are approaching!

An urgent voice came from Terkiod.

Gilroshan furrowed his brow and looked at the three people.

‘what? ‘Didn’t it end well?’

If it was going to be like this, why did we argue?

However, the leaders of the revolutionary army could not help but be greatly embarrassed.

After hearing the explanation from the hurried messenger, their faces hardened.

‘Philippa Jane received a revelation from Goddess Cysiris and began to act alone.’

Divine intervention.

They were in a situation where they had no way to stop it.

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