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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 305

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Episode 305:

A bastard like you (1)

The horses that carried us walked away very slowly.

The central street, the widest in Kertion, was completely crowded.


“hurray! hurray! hurray!”

The shouts coming from all directions seemed to be deafening.

Pollen was constantly fluttering and landing on our shoulders, and the majestic sound of trumpets hit the castle walls and echoed on the floor.

It seemed like everyone in Kertion was running out into the streets and screaming.

“Please wave your hand. “The citizens are all looking at me, right?”

“Lord Silion is right. Sometimes showmanship is necessary. “Didn’t you learn that in Caesarea class?”

Kals and Lapishan poked my side.

When I sighed and raised my right hand, people screamed louder.

“Please look this way!” Lowering!”

“You look good! “It’s so hot!”

“older brother! “Take me!”

Who was it just now? What kind of guy is this?

While everyone was worried that they might develop vocal cord nodules, Shedrick Penn sneakily approached me.

“Everyone must have been very worried after His Majesty the Emperor passed away. Although it was scary, it was as if one of the strong pillars that supported the empire had been uprooted overnight. But now…”

His eyes turned to the sky.

Dragons were seen flying with their wings wide spread to the left and right.

Because it was a relatively low altitude, the Ferrarindio, not the Jackie Chan, was flying nicely.

“Dragons protecting the empire have appeared. I had someone look up the records and found that since the ‘First Elahorten’, there have only been two instances where a direct descendant of the imperial family has had a dragon. “More than two have never appeared.”

The number of dragons currently swimming in the sky was three, so it was safe to say that this was the first incident.

The duke smiled.

“I am an unprecedented person. “Please remember that you are giving hope to all citizens at a time when the situation on the continent is unstable.”



Of course, that meant the existence of a new emperor.

Suddenly, a story I heard from the guardians of ancient ruins came to mind.

Everlast Kingdom, which ruled the continent a long time ago during a time called the ‘Platinum Age’.

It was a request to rebuild the ancient state, which can be said to be the predecessor of the current Baltic Empire.

-We will be your backs. So ascend to the throne of the empire. Then, unify this continent, build Everlast, and recreate its past glory.

Light and Darkness’s request was presented in the form of a power scenario, ‘Ruler of the Empire and the Continent’.

But I boldly refused.

Because until then, I couldn’t find the reason why I fell into this world.

But it turned out that I was really going to become emperor.

‘I had no intention of conquering the continent in the name of the Baltic Empire, so it wasn’t going to happen anyway… but it was a scenario thrown at me as if I could foresee my future.’

That wasn’t all.

The saint of light and darkness gave me a very comprehensive explanation as to why I came to this world.

-I know that you came to our world to fulfill your destiny, but I don’t know what that destiny is.

The movement of the world and my destiny.

It was only after bringing about a new regression that I was starting to get a sense of it little by little.

‘To stop the demon’s crazy plan and restore the status quo of this world.’

I was willing to accept it if I had to become emperor in the process.

Of course, I have no intention of taking on the emperor’s troublesome tasks.

“His Majesty, Third Prince Gilroshan Elo di Balt, Lord of Halhendra and Chairman of the Kaibar Dominion, is entering!”


These were the words shouted by the gatekeepers standing next to the door the moment they entered the imperial palace.

what? What lord? Chairman…?

While I was perplexed by my title, which I had never heard before, the Empress appeared in the distance accompanied by nobles.

Lapishan, who was holding the reins at the front, looked back at me and smiled.

“Seeing that His Majesty is dressed in full uniform, it looks like he wants to get rid of everything today.”


“A decision on the future of the empire.”


Ha, I really can’t get used to it.

No matter how much I thought about my resolve, becoming emperor was difficult to accept.

In fact, the other members of the group were similarly unable to adapt to the change.

“Tsk. “Is my role as a teacher over now?”

“If you ascend to the throne, it will be no different for Director Fen to take my position. “Where should I go…?”

-Dad, where should we live? Is it possible to build a rare in the basement of the imperial palace?

-First, please tell me where to land! It looks like Ferrarindio is struggling!

My head is pounding.

There was only one way.

I have no choice but to quickly summon Eve and pass on all the troublesome work!

“It appears that Her Majesty has something to say to you two, so I will lead the way from here.”

First, Duke Penn disappeared, taking everyone with him.

Lapishan and I got down from our horses and bowed to the Empress.

“Meet Her Majesty the Empress.”

“Meet Her Majesty the Empress.”

“I’m glad you returned safely from the front. Lapishan Giloshan.”

Empress Mirphisha was trying to smile, but her face became even more gaunt.

There was no need to say why.

‘You must have been greatly shocked to see Lukashan, the person you trusted the most, end up like that.’

It was I who brought the crown prince down to hell.

But the Empress was smiling at me as if everything was okay.

I bowed my head without saying a word.

She opened her mouth again.

“In one hour, a meeting will be held at Pale Dragon to discuss post-war arrangements. “You may be very tired after just returning from the front, but the post-war conference is something you must attend.”

“Already? “I know about post-war meetings, but they usually last for a few days, right?”

“Yeah, that’s usually the case.”

In response to Lapishan’s question, the Empress nodded slightly and smiled bitterly.

“But now is timing, isn’t it? “We need to end this war quickly and resolve more important issues.”


A more important issue than war.

Of course, it was talking about succession to the throne.

For a moment, the Empress’s eyes as she looked at Lapishan became cold.

“Second Prince, do you really think the throne should go to your younger brother? “Did you really decide that way?”


Lapishan, who was silent for a moment, glanced at me.

He nodded slightly.

“Yes that’s right. I believe Gilroshan will lead our empire well.”

“Then what about you? “You won’t regret it, right?”

“I always like fighting on the front lines, Your Majesty.”

When Lapishan said that, the Empress smiled broadly.

It was a smile that showed various emotions such as joy, pride, and regret.

“Okay, if that’s what you mean, I won’t ask any more questions. Then Gilroshan.”

Empress Mirphisha looked back at me and started crying.

“You must answer well so as not to cause any noise in these before and after meetings. Do you understand what I mean?”

Why aren’t they asking me about my intention to inherit the throne?

There’s no need to ask, is this it?

But since I had no intention of running away now, I decided to nod obediently.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Do you know what it means to answer without making any noise?”

The empress’ cool eyes seemed to see right through me.

But I answered briefly.

“I understood it to mean not to leave any room for the forces that followed Brother Lukashan. Most of the magic towers and wizards within the empire have turned their backs, but there are probably some who have not.”

The large pupils widened slightly.

“Uhm, okay. right. Very accurate. As you said, some of those who followed Lukashan will oppose you. This is the case with those who do not pay much attention to domestic circumstances because their political base is outside the country. In particular, the forces that share various interests with Lukashan will never welcome you.”

“Who are you?”

She answered cautiously.

“Countess ‘Isera Nocturne’, a powerful member of the Noble House, is such a person. Until now, the Ministry of Education has been setting up its people as scarecrows, but now that the noble wizards have dispersed due to this incident, it is said that they are coming to represent the Minister of Education in person. “We will have to do well to block her attacks.”

Il Sera Nocturne.

It was a name I knew well.

‘Yes, the situation is ripe for that guy to appear.’

< Il Sera Nocturne >

[Character] Also known as ‘Eye of the Forest’. He is a secret diplomat who connects the Magic Empire with the ‘Fairy Forest’.

Ilsera was a high elf and the younger sister of the Fairy King ‘Myster’.

He may be a spy, but the emperor and empress know his true identity.

Permission to stay is granted for the purpose of interacting with the ‘Fairy Forest’ located in the northwest of the continent.

‘But in the empire, he is known as a count and is a single nobleman with great beauty, so he is very popular, right?’

Because Ilsera had the Fairy King behind her, it didn’t matter who ascended to the throne.

However, it seemed like he was feeling sorry for Lukashan, whom he had been close with, for falling off his horse.

In the original game < The God-Forsaken World >, Ilsehra Nocturne thought of Lukashan as a destined love that could not come true.

“Count Nocturne really hates people who look weak. Please take note.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

It wasn’t particularly helpful advice.

Anyway, no matter who the opponent was, I had no intention of going out weak.

At that moment, a new system message was output.

[The fate quest ‘The one who tries to carry the weight of the crown’ is given!]

< The one who tries to bear the weight of the crown >

[Fate quest] It is very dangerous for a holder of divine blood to wear a crown on his head. However, if you decide to take on the challenge, you must act boldly and not look back.

Goal: Punish ‘unknown interfering forces’ and ascend to the throne by performing ‘unknown 3 steps’.

Expected rewards: Enormous experience, A-grade fate card drawing ticket, new title ‘45th Emperor of the Magic Empire’, and 2 types of unknown rewards.

‘It’s a long-awaited quest with a lot of rewards.’

This meant that the process of carrying out the quest would be quite difficult.

The fact that the goals were all unknown foreshadowed a difficult situation.

But there was no need to worry too much.

I knew very well who the opposing forces were and what three steps were needed to take the throne of emperor.

In that sense, I had something to ask Empress Mirphisha.

“Your Majesty, what happened to the reinforcements I requested from the front?”

“huh? “Oh, that’s…”

She thought for a moment and then looked at me.

“Son, are you really serious about this? “Is that why you requested that reinforcements be dispatched to the Duchy of Wyler?”

“Yes, mother.”

Empress Mirpisha asked as a mother, and I also answered as a son.

Lapishan was perking his ears next to me.

There was no need to mince words.

For me, it would be better if there were more people listening.

“I want to marry Eve Wyler as soon as she surpasses her brothers and becomes Grand Duke. For that, we need reinforcements.”



It was a different exclamation from two blood relatives.

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