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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 331

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Episode 331:

Greed and Faith (3)

This was the first time that a quest that was originally a normal type was given in the form of a destiny quest.

Perhaps that’s why the content was subtly different.

< Contaminated God >

[Destiny Quest] An unidentifiable spot is tormenting the goddess of sensuality. Find a way to cure her.

Goal: Explore ways to treat Obergen Treat Obergen.

Reward: Enormous experience and Oberen’s blessing.

First of all, I like the huge amount of experience.

However, ‘Overgen’s Protection’ was a completely useless effect to me.

It wouldn’t be applicable anyway due to the protection of the ancient guardian castle.

Instead, I placed two new conditions on the goddess of sensuality.

“First of all, don’t come near me from now on. This is an essential prerequisite.”

“huh? why not…?”

“Even though I look like this, I’m a married man.”

“okay? That’s surprising. But I don’t care? “Why can’t I approach a married man?”

I felt like my head was hurting again.

Do celestial people have no sense of ethics?

The reality of having to explain the obvious in detail was truly deplorable.

At least the original version of < Sin.Buse > was for ‘all users’.

“Anyway, if you don’t want to come, don’t come near. “Unpleasant stories are also prohibited.”

“Are you talking about something unpleasant?”

“Please don’t make fun of me. Do you have to say everything to understand it?”

“Tsk. okay.”

I don’t know why the goddess is sad.

Anyway, the first condition has been passed, so it’s time to apply the second condition.

It goes without saying, but the real condition was this.

“Overen, I have a few questions to ask when I meet Quatras. Please help me persuade him. All you have to do is Quatras accept my request and cooperate.”

“Yes? “Are you saying that this is a condition placed on Quatras and not on me?”

“yes. I heard that the God of Learning can’t move if it’s Oberen’s words. So, I’d like to get some help.”

“Hmm. “It’s helpful…”

“I think it would be okay if you just lend a word from the side.”

“Well, that’s true. Quatras is so easy. “To the point where it’s not fun at all.”

“Then are you going to do it?”

“Ok, fine! “Let’s do that.”

As the goddess gave permission, new messages emerged.

[Some of the content of the fate quest ‘Contaminated God’ has changed.]

[The reward ‘Overien’s protection’ has been replaced with ‘Overen’s favor and help.’]

‘That’s it.’

I confirmed the contents and nodded.

The goddess carefully wrapped a white cloth around her red, feverish forearms, as if she did not want to see them.

And he looked at me intently.

“But what are you going to ask of Quatras? “I’m really curious about that too?”

“It’s not too much of a stretch. But it’s a bit awkward to even say it here and now.”

“I’m getting more and more curious…”

“Then I’ll find a cure and come back. “It won’t take long.”

I bowed my head to the goddess of sensuality, then turned around and tried to go out.

But at that moment, Oberhen followed behind me.

“What are you doing?”

“I thought I would get some fresh air from the underworld, too.”

“Not a possessed body, but a necromantic body?”



Have you finally gone crazy?

There are many forms in which the heavenly gods operate on earth, but the form that consumes the most energy is the necromantic form like the present.

Appearing as is, without borrowing the body of an apostle or priest.

The more powerful a god was, the more severe the penalty was.

‘Even though Oberen is a weak god, the inevitable storm isn’t something he can completely ignore, right?’

When I looked at her questioningly, the goddess avoided her eyes and eventually smiled.

“Everyone says that it has become easier to operate on land these days? “I think I can do it too.”

‘Oh, I see.’

I realized something in her words and kept my mouth shut.

The story Myeong Am-seong said came to mind later.

-The inevitable storm is a rule created by agreement among the great powers who observe this world. But as the number of onlookers gradually increased, the rules became blurred…

Because of my decision, the shackles of the gods were weakening.

As a result, the goddess of sensuality seemed to be able to maintain her necromantic form and walk out of the sanctuary.

In that case, we had to understand that the scope of other gods’ actions had also expanded little by little.

wait for a sec. then…?

‘Aren’t other guys showing up like this too?’

This is a little unsettling.

I frowned at the premonition that crossed my mind.

But there was nothing I could do right now.

I kept it in mind as a question that would remain to be seen, pulled back the curtains, and walked out of the main church.

“Wow, it’s been a really long time. This air, this humidity. Hmm… Is it good?”



Then the gods of sensuality solidified.

It seemed as if countless question marks were floating above their heads.

Even when they saw the goddess standing next to me, the priests looked dumbfounded, as if they did not understand.

Oberhen tilted his head.

“uh? Guys, why is everyone wearing eye makeup? “Is this a trend in human society these days?”


“Meet the Goddess!”

“You are the goddess of sensuality!”

Terkiod, the person responsible for the eye makeup, was slowly leaving the place while scratching the back of his head.

* * *

“Wow, wow….”

Oberen did not hide his admiration as he flew away on the red dragon, but in the meantime, he kept trying to hug my side.

But I pushed her away, citing the terms of the contract.

Although she had a slender appearance, this woman was a full-fledged celestial being, and there was no way she wouldn’t be able to maintain her balance after shaking this much.

Sure enough, the goddess of sensuality was casually sitting in the back seat, flying and looking at the ground.

“This is my first time seeing a dragon! This is my first time seeing the ground from such a height! It’s really amazing…”

“Is that so?”

“huh. So it’s okay to feel proud. “You took my ‘first time’, right?”

“Would you like to be the ‘first’ away from a dragon?”

“uh? No….”

“If you break the conditions one more time, you will experience it.”

I really had no intention of dropping Oberen from the Red Dragon.

But it was hard to listen to the babbling, so I tried harder.

Surprisingly, the goddess became quiet.

“Even the charm of a bad guy. “That girl is worthy of attention…”

Although she muttered softly, almost inaudibly.

Anyway, I had informed Terkiod of my destination.

‘The only way to solve the fever in the Revolutionary Army camp was to go to the 5 Beast Tribes and find Kali, the God of Erasure, but there is one more thing on the Empire side.’

It was a way to use the holy relic of erasure.

Anyway, the current Kali had forgotten who she was because of Harmun.

So I couldn’t help.

Oberen and I were flying toward Kali’s relics left behind in the empire.

“Let’s go down to Terkiod slowly.”


Anyway, it was funny how Terkiod spoke less.

The guy had kept his mouth quiet as much as possible since Oberen appeared.

Maybe he was shy.

‘Do dragons also have puberty?’

Well, even though all three of them had become Holy Dragons, it seemed like they didn’t think of themselves as adults as they all transformed into children.

Anyway, we landed in the middle of a lush jungle.

“Where are you?”

“It is a nameless jungle. “It’s quite far from Oberen’s sanctuary.”

“I don’t think it’s quite far, right? I can barely feel the faith coming from my congregation. “It’s a very far place, right?”

“Yes, actually, that’s true.”

“I never thought we would come to a place like this.”

Oberen trembled slightly, as if he was afraid.

Since the status was low and there were not many believers, it seemed like faith was not being supplemented here.

“Conserve your spiritual strength as much as possible. “I have to stay here for an hour or two.”

“yea, I got it.”

I was worried that he would whine, but surprisingly he didn’t.

Oberen gathered his strength and took his place between me and Terkiod.

I started walking through the jungle, which was thick with green vegetation.

Anyway, there was one thing I was curious about.


“huh? why?”

“That skin disease. “Do you have any idea how it came to be?”

In the original < > game, heat vase originated from Sarat, the god of harvest.

Although he was basically the god of the five beast tribes, Sarat was a person full of insider temperament, so he spread the disease very quickly.

So, the gods of the heavenly world came to visit the player all at once complaining of illness.

‘It was, of course, Kishiris who suggested finding Kali and eliminating the fever blight…’ If

I remember correctly, Oberen was infected late, suffered from a minor illness, and died.

Originally, the quest ‘Contaminated God’ and the scenario ‘Fall of the Gods’ had such content.

But this time it was happening in the opposite direction.

‘Maybe there’s a clue here.’

But Oberen shook his head.

She had no idea where the skin disease came from.

“no. Not a clue. “Nothing has ever touched here.”

“Who touched it?”

“How do people touch me?”

“…yes. Have you ever had any contact with God?”

“Hmm, well.”

A goddess who speaks strangely.

There I had a hunch.

Someone touched Oberien and the fever started from there.

‘Who could it be?’

For some reason, it seems like they don’t want to mention it.

In this case, there was another method that was effective.

“You can’t be Garren, right?”

“What? Absolutely not! Do I look like I’d hang out with a beast like that? under! “Garren is someone who can’t even touch a hair of my head!”

It refers to the hunting god ‘Garren’, who has the most hideous appearance among the twelve gods.

In particular, Garren was a god who protected monsters, so he was someone Oberen hated.

I began to gently shake her as she grunted.

“Then who is it? “Isn’t that also Quatras?”

“Of course not. “Quatras can’t even hold my hand.”

“If you tell me, it will help with treatment. “I can’t help it if you don’t trust me.”

“huh? No, you believe it. “I believe it…”

“I believe it, but not to that extent? Hmm, I’m disappointed.”

Oberhen sighed, perhaps realizing that I was pushing him in a subtle way.

“Are you really not normal?”

“I often hear stories like that.”

“I’ll say yes, so stop. The only god that has been close to me recently is ‘Gehera’. “So, does he have something like this?”

Gehera, God of Punishment!

He was a transcendental person who contacted Prince Lukashan and lent his power.

Considering that in the previous episode, Lukashan was replaced by a homunculus and became like Harmun’s limbs…

‘I think it’s safe to say that the two gods are colluding?’

Even in the original game, Gehera was a being who showed interest in necromancy and acted like an evil god, so there was nothing strange about it.

While I was organizing my thoughts, Oberen was grumbling and making excuses.

“Human emperor, ladies have secrets and pain. But aren’t you going too far by questioning me like this? I’m really disappointed in you…”

It was at that moment that Terkiod and I made a move.

A black object came out of the jungle where I could not see an inch ahead and rushed towards me like lightning.


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