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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 53

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Episode 53:

Ruthless Treatment

Eve and I kept our distance and followed the group slowly.


Eve frowned and did not open her mouth easily.

Still, I didn’t open my mouth either.

Suddenly, I remembered the first time I spoke to this guy.

‘At that time, I decided to wait for Kals and Tyrvaen, who were coming after the Vengeful Priests.’

‘Irgal’, who wore a cape of bubbles and hid his true self, treated me as someone who did not exist for a long time.

In the end, I had to open my mouth first.

‘He didn’t like my plan so he tried to tackle him.’

But after a war of words with me, I had to accept defeat.

It was just like that now.

‘Am I the one who approaches first and tries to talk?’

Sorry, but yesterday was your last chance.

I was not a person so stoic that I bowed my head two or three times to someone who rejected me once.

‘Negotiations have broken down, and now if there’s anything you want to say, you’ll have to come and say it.’

This was the message I was sending to Eve.


So I responded with silence.

All you have to do is just wait quietly.

Because the one who is disappointed is the one who reaches out first.


And finally, Eve, who had been silent for a long time, slowly opened her mouth.

“Hey Gilroshan.”

But I shook my head.

“Shan Alredro.”


“Just as your name is now ‘Eve Regal’ and not ‘Eve Wyler.’”


“My name now is not ‘Gilroshan Balt,’ but ‘Shan Alredro.’ okay?”

“What bullshit? “I know it’s a pseudonym anyway, but does that matter now?”

“Of course it’s important. “How can I talk to someone who doesn’t even know my name?”


Eve’s big eyes were seen shaking wildly.

He looked quite embarrassed by what I said.

‘Yes, that’s a natural reaction.’

Because what I just said was the same thing I said the first time we talked.

-What can you talk about with someone you don’t know face or name? Change your perspective and think about it.

“…Yeah, I guess so.”

Eve’s expression became complicated as if she was recalling that memory.

I remembered myself not revealing my face at all and even using my name as a pseudonym.

But I was calm.

“If you don’t want to turn me into an enemy from now on, it would be better to at least know my name.”

Then Eve frowned and asked back.

“Then what happens if we become enemies?”

I stopped walking.

…What happens if we become enemies?

Why are you asking such a simple thing?

“I need to get you out of here right now. Isn’t it obvious? “Will a perfect opportunity like this one ever come again?”


A facial expression that becomes distorted without mercy.

Eve gritted her teeth and said.

“I’m level 43. “You probably didn’t even get 20 right now?”

“That’s ridiculous.”

I chuckled.

“Do you only do PK as a level?”

Eve was alone, but I had four teammates.

In particular, Kals and Tyrvaen were guardians who had not yet reached their full potential, but already possessed mid-level capabilities in their respective positions.

‘And these are my closest associates whose intimacy with me was at its peak from the beginning.’

From their perspective, my being surprised was not an ordinary incident.

Perhaps, with the ‘Guard Knight Runaway’ and ‘Save Disciple’ events occurring at the same time, the combat power of Kals and Tirbaen will more than double.

Quite a few players could have been erased in an instant.

‘But you’re only level 43?’

A dawn assassin who doesn’t seem to have put much effort into setting the setting?

I’m sorry, but I dared to assert.

“You can’t even last 10 seconds.”

Of course, I will also suffer great damage.

Since the Assassin class specializes in critical attacks, you may have to sacrifice a limb.

But now that I have the guardians’ protection and the request for the gold bar…

‘I won’t die anyway.’

I had a clear conviction.

“…That’s great confidence.”

Eve quietly mutters.

But unexpectedly, there was no hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Rather, an expression of deep sadness could be seen on the side of his face.

It was embarrassing.


The moment when I lightly placed my hand on the hilt of the sword because I couldn’t identify the emotion.

“Okay, I have no intention of turning you into an enemy either.”

She turned around and unexpectedly smiled.

“Like you said, I came here alone, right? If I had been planning on fighting here, I would have brought all my ‘teams’ with me. “But they are coming slowly from behind now.”

Her ‘teams’.

As she said emphatically, Eve now had a total of 5 teams.

So a total of 24 girls are following.

They said there was no business due to the quantity.

Even if there were Tirvaen and Kals, fighting with 25 people was out of the question.

Eve gestured toward the road again.

“Let’s go, you kids are shooting lasers at me. “It feels like my face is going to be pierced.”

Just as she said, my teammates were looking this way from the other side of the road.

“What’s going on Shan?”

The words were ordinary, but Carl’s expression had a terrifying look on his face, as if he would draw his sword and run at me at any moment.

“It would be nice to be so loyal.”

Eve mutters quietly next to her.

I looked back at her as a thought occurred to me.

“You also had a maid to accompany you, right?”

If I remember correctly, the name is ‘Marie Herboa’.

I remember her as a maid who protected Eve Wyler as loyally as Carls.


But there was no answer from Eve.

And it was only after some time that I realized that it was a good thing that I had never mentioned that maid’s name.

“No, bro. “It was a minor disagreement.”

I waved my hand at Carls and we started walking again.

The tent-like forest has finally come to an end.

It was revealed where the eastern cabin ‘was’.

Eve sighed deeply.

“You broke it so meticulously.”

Only rubble remained of the cabin.

The logs that made up the walls and roof were disintegrated in all directions as the rock that resembled a house was crushed.

Girls will not be able to stay here.

It was exactly as I intended.

“Mr. Lee!”

Eve, who was looking at the ruins, seemed to get angry again and glared at me.


I raised my head proudly.

Even if the story had gone well in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened.

There were many ways to keep children safe.

‘But you kicked it all.’

Of course, I felt a bit sorry for his blushing face, so I suppressed those words for now.


The sunset was slowly setting outside the forest.

Eve, who had been looking at the ruins of the cabin for a long time, opened her mouth.

“My team will arrive in about 10 minutes. “Finish it before then.”

“You finished it before then? “Finish what?”

“This is what you want to talk about with me from now on.”

“…Okay, if you have something to say, just say it.”

When I shrugged, Eve’s eyes flashed sharply.

“It’s your strategy. “That’s the ‘whitewater’ route, right?”

You knew it too.

Yes, I thought it was a bit strange that a player who knew the ‘Department’ route didn’t know this.

I nodded.

“that’s right. This quest is best solved by ‘Riding Rapids’. must.”

Then Eve bit her lip and shook her head.

“No, it’s not like that. That’s not the best…”

I cut him off and interrupted.

“why? “Are you afraid that the children here will get hurt?”

Then Eve kept her mouth shut.

A look of conflict was evident.

So I started chatting as I pleased.

“I was just guessing because it seemed like we were taking the separate route. Among the many strategies, why a separate unit? “Why do we insist on taking this route, which requires a lot of effort but has limited rewards?”

This ‘Savior of Sons’ quest was one of the quests with quite diverse strategies.

The ‘rolling the rock’ route includes the method I’m using now.

The ‘guardian’ route uses executives who will be watching the hunting grounds from the castle.

Such as the ‘backward’ route where all the children are wiped out and the criminal is belatedly attacked.

It was a quest that could be solved in various ways depending on one’s thoughts.

However, insisting on the separate team route is….

“A choice that put the safety of NPCs as the top priority. “My conclusion is that you are moving toward that goal.”

Unless I suddenly became interested in collecting achievements in this yard, I definitely did.

Eve nodded to my repeated questions.

“okay. that’s right.”

Then he opened his eyes straight towards me.

“That is why I cannot agree with your strategy.”

“Riding the whitewater…”

“Riding the whitewater? Of course it’s good. It would be nice to get a lot of rewards, accumulate experience points, and feel like I was playing the game properly. But that was only when it was a game!”

She growled in earnest and was quite scary.

“I could kill all the kids while solving this quest. “You can just act like it’s someone else’s job, so don’t just give it a try and see if it doesn’t work out!”


“Not me. I have to save them. must!”

There was desperation hidden in those burning eyes towards me.

As I looked into those eyes, I quietly opened my mouth.

“Who said you don’t try it once and if it doesn’t work, you just move on?”

That sounds funny.

“I don’t know what you think of me. I’m not that light-hearted. Did you just forget about it? “You and the Aeolem priests tried to cut off my head?”

It’s a past story, but in the face of the ‘3rd Prince Assassination Case’, she had no choice but to be a criminal.

“That’s it! Because it was a quest situation back then…”

“That’s funny. I guess this is still a quest situation now?”

As I mocked Eve, she became mute.

“I know better than anyone else that this is not a game but reality. “Do you think I’m taking this route to trade my children’s lives for compensation?”

You are welcome.

I came this far by risking my life to solve the quest.

Every moment was like a thousand-way cliff.

This means that it is not a path that could have been reached with the proper attitude of thinking that it is just a game.

“Think about it carefully. The separate attack will block the Ultra Wave from occurring. So the children will be safe as you think. But what happens next?”


“After that. “What will happen to the Church of Kissiris, which failed to achieve its purpose?”


Eve could not easily answer my question.

There I spoke briefly.

“The Church of Kissiris will try Ultra Wave again in the next ceremony. And as coincidences overlap, an unexpected accident occurs.”


“As a result, all the children that year died, regardless of gender. The rescue team that was dispatched to save the children was also wiped out. “That is the final outcome of the ‘Special Unit’ strategy you want now.”

“No way!”

She screamed and then looked back in surprise.

Carls was looking at me again, so I raised my hand to show that it was okay.

Eve lowered her voice and whispered to me.

“Don’t talk nonsense! “I’ve never seen a story like that!”

I nodded.

“Yeah, you probably haven’t seen it before. “This is mentioned in ‘Blood Storm,’ one of the spin-off novels of ‘The God-forsaken World.’”

“Then it’s not even the original story!”

“But isn’t this a very probable development? What if for some reason the Ultra Wave does not occur and the dark side that planned it behind the scenes remains the same?”

“…is it really possible that this development can start again?”

Eve shuddered as if imagining the worst case scenario.

I said, looking into her dark blue eyes.

“That’s why the ultra wave has to happen. And we need to move the executives and remove the dark side of the church.”

Even if it’s a little risky, attack head on and finish it off.

“That’s my strategy.”

And it was also my experience shuttle.

I was planning to use this quest to gather experience points.

The growth rate has been too slow so far.

“Ha, is it really okay for this to happen?”

Eve swallowed dry saliva and placed her hand on her forehead, shaking with anxiety.

“…Then what about the children? “What about the children’s safety?”

Of course, that seems to be the most important point.

“don’t worry. “As long as you don’t get hurt while hunting, everyone will be safe.”

Then Eve nodded silently.

I opened my mouth while crossing my arms.

“Well, I think it’s already been over 10 minutes. “Your team…”

I glanced around and saw Tyrvaen talking to the girls approaching from the other side.

“…There he is. “Do you need more time to think?”

Since it was said that children could be at risk, I thought there might be more hesitation.

But surprisingly, Eve’s answer came back immediately.

“no. I will cooperate with your strategy. anything.”

I smiled.

“Very well thought out.”

If the ‘white water riding’ route I’m currently planning goes well.

I could almost take a bath with the flood of experience points.

‘…I think I can break through at least level 20.’

The maximum goal is level 23.

It seemed like I could probably aim for 25 or even 26.

Considering that I am now level 14, this was a goal that made no sense.

But it wasn’t impossible.

There was a good reason why this strategy of ‘riding rapids’ was called ‘riding rapids’.

“Huh? Wait a minute.”

While I was still thinking about something, I remembered something and was shocked.

Now that I think about it, you didn’t include that in your calculations, right?

‘…Then the experience points are doubled?’

Can this be like this?

If I do well, I might be able to reach level 30 in one go, right?

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