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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 98

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Episode 98:

Corps Commander’s Treasure Trove

After all the cloudy aqueous solution was drained and the tank was dismantled, what was revealed was a pure white naked body.

A female body appeared without anything underneath her long silver-gray hair.

Because of this, Carls and I, who were watching without thinking, were very embarrassed.


Why aren’t you wearing clothes?

“oh! oh! “Both of you, turn your heads!”

The same woman, Tyrvaen, hurriedly approached and covered the fairy with her cloak.

However, the wet fairy was still shivering as if she felt the cold.

Tyrvaen checked her condition and shook his head.

“This is not in good condition. Look, you damn disciple. Lay down some of that judgment ground. “Be as warm as possible!”

“What kind of electric blanket is this?”

But I did what I was told.

…I didn’t mean to see it earlier, but I felt sorry anyway.

[Blessing Magic: Land of Judgment]

Meanwhile, Tyrvaen was selecting a large towel and something worth wearing from his inventory and handing them out.

“First, dry yourself and get dressed. “Everything is okay now.”



The white elf was speechless.

They just trembled and looked at us with anxious eyes.

I frowned slightly at that sight.

‘what? ‘Isn’t this very white elf-like?’

In general, white fairies are known to have quite a fierce temper.

Although there may be differences from person to person, as a race that was directly blessed by the goddess of seclusion, their self-esteem was as great as their skills.

I knew it well because I had experienced it myself.

But this elf…


He was still trembling like a drowned mouse and was busy watching out for us.

He was so depressed that he didn’t even take the towel and clothes the witch gave him.

Tyrvaen touched her shoulder and spoke kindly.

“Okay. You are safe now, so relax. “I will be able to return to my hometown soon.”

Then the white fairy’s pale lips opened for the first time.

And he answered quietly.

“It hurts…”

Tyrvaen was embarrassed.

“It hurts? Where? “Are you hurt anywhere?”

But she slowly shook her head with a frown on her face.

“It hurts here.”

All he did was move his trembling hand and remove Tyrvaen’s hand from his shoulder.

I just touched my palm lightly, but it hurts that much?

‘…no way?’

Something flashed into my mind.

It was a serial quest called ‘Life in the Laboratory’.

< Creature in the Laboratory >

[Chain Quest] In a laboratory hidden in a secret and deep place, an artificial life form, ‘Homunculus’ is being created. Let’s break through the traps set up in the laboratory and rescue the ‘homunculi’.

The new guardians given as a reward for completing the quest reacted in exactly this way.

Because the guardians rescued from the laboratory are sensitive to external stimuli.

‘At first, you said it hurt a little somewhere, right?’

But this wasn’t the chain quest situation.

I wasn’t completing ‘Creature in the Laboratory’, but rather completing a completely different quest and coming to collect the reward.

So the questions continued.

I had to find out if this elf was a ‘homunculus’, an artificial life form.

There is no way to check that…


I remembered.

I recalled new information from my memory and quickly joined in.

“Come out for a moment, Master.”

“Uh huh, doesn’t the child say he is sick?”

“I heard that because I have ears, and I wanted to check if it was a ‘homunculus.’”

“Homunculus…? Are you really talking about that artificial life form?”


“Such terrible!”

Tyrvaen frowned.

The method of making a homunculus was a technique that originated from necromancers in the Far East.

It was like the pinnacle of biological manipulation, but a certain part of it was a hex that relied on black magic, so it was a method that the witches of the Five-Colored Spire who pursued pure magic could not help but detest.


I quietly nodded after looking closely at the elf’s hair.

“That’s right. “It’s a homunculus.”

“How can you be sure of that?”

“You can tell a bit by looking at the ends of this hair.”

All elves use bowstrings made from twisted hair.

That also meant that all elves cut their hair periodically and consumed it.

Therefore, the ends of the silver hair had to be cut sharply, as if cut with a knife.

But now this white fairy was not like that.

‘There are no signs of cuts at all.’

So it meant that they were not ordinary elves.

I asked the elf a question.

“You don’t have a name, do you? “No, I don’t even know what your name is, right?”

Then the fairy nodded slowly and answered.

“Yes, I have no name and no hometown. “I’ve always lived here.”

“oh my god. “Such a cruel thing.”

Tyrvaen bit his lip.

Carls was also shaking his head with a frown.

At that time, I was feeling a little different.

‘Ha, if I do this, I’ll leave…’

I was at a loss as to what to do with this elf.

‘In this situation, it’s not a problem to raise it as a guardian, but it’s not easy to raise it to the highest level.’

First of all, the guardian who was considered the highest level among the white elves was an NPC named ‘Sylogis’.

She was the owner of the original copy of ‘Swiss Kill’ that I had, and she was a fairy who was a war hero who disappeared into the back of history a long time ago.

‘But you can come back and join the player’s side through the Return of the Legend quest.’

Strictly speaking, rather than her joining directly, it was a way to pass on power to her descendants.

Therefore, most white elves were able to acquire Xylogis’ strong stats very easily through that quest.


‘That’s not a homunculus.’

When a white elf performs the ‘Return of the Legend’ quest, he or she will encounter a situation where he or she must prove his or her lineage as a white elf.

However, there is no way that a homunculus, a life form created in a laboratory, would have a bloodline.

So that meant no.

‘There was ample potential for Piyong, who was born as a black dragon, but not in this case.’

So, I gave up the idea of making this nameless elf homunculus my guardian.


Of course, it was truly dazzlingly beautiful.

‘I’m not the director of any kind of romantic movie, so I can’t just look at his face.’

So I turned around with Kals and glanced at Tyrvaen.

“Master, please put on my clothes. “Let’s take him out and hand him over to Erek Kaid.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

I felt really sad inside.

It suddenly appeared on the reward list, so I thought I was going to get something nice, but when I opened the lid, it turned out to be nothing.

‘Still, I feel proud because I saved one person’s life.’

At that time, I was thinking that I should be satisfied with that.

“Hmm? “This purple tattoo…?”

These were the words that Tyrvaen quietly muttered behind his back.

Then her voice became a little more serious.

“Disciple, I think you should take a look at this.”

“What is it? “Have you put your clothes on?”

“Of course I’m asking you to look at it because I put it on! “This is not normal.”

It’s not normal?

When I turned around, I saw an elf girl who was trying on clothes for the first time in her life, touching the hem of her clothes with an uncomfortable expression.

And Tirvaen was pointing to a corner of her white neck.

“Look here.”

“What on earth is that?…”

I followed the little witch’s fingertips without thinking and for a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“…what is this?”

There was a purple crown tattoo clearly engraved on the white skin.

“Why is this tattoo drawn here? “Are you saying they are demons?”

As I was taken aback, Tyrvaen looked back at me with a serious expression.

“Do you know what this is?”

“Yes, I know.”

The pattern was no ordinary tattoo.

It was the symbol of a demon god.

‘Harmun, the demon god of oblivion.’

It was a symbol that he engraved on his family.

At the same time, there was information that naturally came to mind.

“13 Demon Temples….”

A place that was deleted from the official version of the original < God Forsaken World >, but existed in the beta version.

Harmun’s pattern was also a symbol of my temple.

I was aware of its existence while performing the ‘Card Cheater Chero’ quest earlier, but had forgotten about it for a while…

‘I can’t believe we meet here again like this.’

Is this a coincidence?

I looked at the white elf with renewed doubts.

She was still scratching her shoulder with an expression on her face that showed she didn’t know anything.

And he also asked me questions carefully.

“I’m sorry, but can I please take this off? It’s so uncomfortable…”


After responding firmly, I was lost in thought for a moment.

‘White Fairy Homunculus….’

And the Demon Goddess of 13.

The combination of these three keywords was something I had never experienced in the original work.

So nothing was certain.

Since you’re not sure, it might be better not to touch it.


‘It’s a very attractive combination.’

It was impossible not to touch this.

First of all, white fairies are basically a race that is good at hiding and infiltration.

Additionally, if you are created as a homunculus, you are born with relatively strong physical strength and survival skills.

‘…But what if you also have the power of a demon?’

Depending on the degree of permission given by the demon, it was common for the ability to manipulate magic to also increase significantly.

So, even if he wasn’t extremely good at anything, his overall ability was already at an excellent level.

In other words, it meant that he was already a definite generalist.

…This is fun.

‘Who did this work?’

Commander Palamir, who owns this camp?

‘no. It seems like he was trying to fill his pockets by reselling this child.’

Even among the necromancers of the Far East Sea, it seemed difficult to do without the help of a very outstanding one.

‘I’ll have to visit the corps commander later and get some information.’

Anyway, what should we do with this child?

While I was pondering, Tyrvaen turned to me and said.

“It would be difficult for a child with traces of a demon spirit like this to be welcomed even within the revolutionary forces. “At most, I’d be lucky if I didn’t end up as a test subject.”


After a short but deep thought, I came to a conclusion.

‘Okay, let’s try growing it.’

Honestly, I don’t know what will happen.

But I felt like if I left it like this, it would continue to bother me.

To do that, a procedure was needed.

“If you don’t have a name, can I give you one?”


“If it’s okay, I’ll call you ‘Hael’. It just means ‘white’ elf.”

When I suggested that, the White Fairy opened her eyes wide.


Carls intervened, horrified.

“Why do you name a lady so carelessly? “Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Then, naturally, Tyrvaen’s eyes narrowed.

“Oh, ‘Lady’? “I haven’t seen you like that, Lord Silion, but you seem quite friendly to a woman you meet for the first time, right?”

“yes? Oh no! That’s not it, Lord Sui!”

“I guess that’s right…?”

Tirvaen feels uncomfortable and Kals suddenly finds himself in a corner.

I pretended not to notice them and looked at the white fairy who was lost in thought.


“how is it? Like it? “If you don’t like it, say no.”

Fortunately, the White Fairy smiled brightly.

“No, it’s fine. Hael. I like it. “Please call me that.”

Okay then.

“Then, hey, do you want to come with us? “It will be safer for you to come with us than to stay here alone.”

I smiled as I saw his black eyes widen slightly.

“You can leave whenever you want. Do whatever you want.”

Then Hael looked around at us and blinked for a moment.

And he nodded very slowly.

A system message came to mind.

[‘Hael’ has joined the group.]

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