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Star-Embracing Swordmaster
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Star-Embracing Swordmaster

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
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Synopsis Star-Embracing Swordmaster

Vlad was a vagrant child of the slums who always admired knights. After an incident where he was struck by black lightning, he began hearing a voice. A knight of blue moonlight appeared one day, and Vlad’s back-alley life was turned upside down… Even an obscure star that does not shine in the highest peaks of the night sky is still a star if it wishes to shine.

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  1. Random says:

    Chapter 23 of the manga refers to which chapter of the novel, could anyone tell me please?

  2. Aa says:

    Somewhere arnd 34 or 35

  3. Elijah says:

    chapter 38

  4. lex says:

    Chapter 39 because th chapter 40 is equivalent to chapter 24 in manga.. thank me later..👍👍

  5. prince says:

    chapter 38

  6. anonymous says:

    chapter 40

  7. Anonimo says:

    Chapter 33 of the novel, which chapter of the novel does it refer to?

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