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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 130

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Episode 130

Snowfall saw him confront Finn and was convinced that he was Toki.

It was a miracle that came during the harvest season.

In terms of time, it hasn’t been long since I broke up with him, but the distance between me and him has become as wide as the concepts of life and death.


[Penance: The season of the devil is coming.]

[Strong winds blow throughout the battlefield.]

[Penance: The season of the knight is coming.]

[Swords sometimes fall on the battlefield.]

The season of the devil and the season of the knight are coming. It came at the same time.


The back of Snowfall’s neck felt cold.

All beings on the battlefield lowered their posture and resisted the wind.




Karen’s replica was pierced by a sword falling from the black space.


But as soon as it connected with the red thread delivered from Finn, it recovered immediately.

‘I have to finish Finn eventually.’

It was impossible before, but it is possible now.

Kang Seol looked at Toki’s doll in a low posture. Even though he was a doll with no facial features, I somehow felt that he was smiling.


The sword, influenced by the wind, fell diagonally and headed towards Toki’s doll.


The sword was stuck in the direction of Toki’s doll.


Thanks to the wind in the snow, the dust settled quickly and we were able to take stock of the situation.

To conclude, Toki was safe. But one of his arms was broken.

‘Damn it! Before we even start…’


Toki stood up.

Click, click, click…

Toki replaced the broken arm with another doll’s arm. He was still a handyman. Snowfall shows surprising behavior.

“Thank God I was able to hold on to my feet.”


“Are you ready young man?”



“Get ready to get out of here.”

As soon as Toki spoke, each person’s role was decided.

Park Chang-sik found it difficult to continue the fight due to his injury. Instead, Toki took on the role previously played by Park Chang-sik.



Snowfall and Toki moved simultaneously as the seasons changed.

Same movements mean same thoughts.

As the two rushed at almost the same speed, Finn’s doll looked confused.

Finn’s doll used Reject on Snow Seol as he had done before.


And that was a mistake.

Toki slipped to the floor, dodged the spear of blood, and then bounced his back and launched himself up again.

[Soul Doll: Toki uses a pure fist.]

[20% of the damage is applied as fixed damage.]



[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Blood Curtain.]

[Nullifies 75% of physical damage.]


Toki’s attack dealt 80% physical damage and 20% fixed damage. Therefore, Finn’s doll was shaking, meaningless why he had taken the trouble to use the Blood Curtain.

Sigh! Chaaaaaa!

Soon, spears of blood formed everywhere. It was all a means to separate Toki.

Toki was startled and rolled on the floor.

Quagga gaga!

A spear of blood sweeps the floor. And what rushed beyond was snowfall.




Finn stepped back a little from the shock coming from the barrier. Kang Seol suddenly stood up and looked at Toki.

Although it was not a look or voice that came from the other person, it seemed like Kang Seol somehow knew what Toki would do next.

There was an ability he used in these situations.

– Do you know when the strong fall?

– When you’re tired?

– No, it’s when a strong person receives an attack that could cause him to fall.

– … Isn’t that obvious?

– So, from now on, I will tell you the obvious attacks.

Toki’s movements became animal-like.

[Soul Doll: Toki’s Reveler’s movement is activated.]

[The evasion rate increases by 10% and the hit rate increases by 5%.]

Snowfall also moved with him.

[The Reveler’s movement is activated.]

[The evasion rate increases by 10% and the hit rate increases by 5%.]

Snowfall is in front of the doll and Toki is behind the doll.

Quang! Quaaaang!

While the snowfall was pounding in front, Toki used his ability.

[Soul Doll: Toki uses Chimney Smasher.]

[Ignores 40% of defense.]



Kwasik! Kwasik! Kwasik!

A huge series of hits in a short period of time.

Finn’s doll, placed between Snowfall and Toki, tried to place them on both sides as much as possible, rather than in front or behind.

Finn, thinking he had an opportunity, stretched out his arms.

[Record of Pain: Finn Mordria uses Season: Emergency Blood Transfusion.]

[Extorts the stamina of the captured being.]


At the same time as Snowfall shouted, red waves burst out from Finn’s arms.


Kangseol and Toki fell backwards as if they had been squeezed and were out of the attack range.

And unfortunately, their offensive stopped there.

[Punishment: The season of the knight arrives.]

[Swords occasionally fall on the battlefield.]

[Pentment: The season of the wizard arrives.]

[Forms a portal connected to each other on the battlefield.]

The gap where the seasons change . After hitting the button, Finn’s doll recovered its health.


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Saesal.]

[Recovers 70% of the health just lost at a rapid rate.]

Eventually, Finn recovers some of the damage he received by crossing the barrier.

“… That’s gross.”

“I agree.”

“Let’s go again.”

“… I go first!”


Kang Seol realized that she was smiling.

What was the reason for his laughter?

The joy of the fight itself. Or having a trustworthy colleague behind you. If not, was it confidence that he could win?

Snowfall moved just like a talkie and dazzled Finn.


As expected, the battle started with Finn’s refusal.

Kangseol looked at Toki’s back as she adjusted her posture to avoid flying backwards.

He waved his arm.

[Soul Doll: Toki uses debris scattering.]

[If you hit the debris, your vision becomes blurred.]

A fighting method that was previously laughed at as cowardly.

Finn was startled by Toki’s attack and jumped back.



The sword that fell from the sky hit Finn.

[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Blood Curtain.]

[Nullifies 75% of physical damage.]

Finn’s doll has not yet absorbed all of the shock. Toki kicked off the ground and approached him.


That move.

This is a movement that we have been tired of seeing for the past time.

A movement that was difficult to imitate.

It was a movement that Kang Seol still couldn’t figure out.

– Pooh wow… What was that…?

– I couldn’t decide on a name. Should I kick up or down?

– Did I just get hit by some nameless technique?

– Then let’s kick the sky and kick the ground.

– Did you build that now?

– Don’t show off how smart you are, everyone will be jealous.


[Soul Doll: Toki uses Sky Kick and Ground Kick.]

[Either of the two abilities activates.]

Finn tried to perform a defensive move, but he was swept away by Toki’s attack because he did not know exactly where he was aiming. .

Quasi profit!

What Toki was aiming for was Finn’s lower body.

The moment Finn staggered back, snow came out of the portal next to him.

A foot that rotates and swings in a slightly floating state.

If this had been the case, it was a sky kick move that Toki would have shown.



Toki shouted as he looked at the snowfall that had grown.




The pin fell and grabbed the floor.

However, Snowfall and Toki were unable to finish him off. Soon the sword fell and blocked them.




‘The sword passes through the portal.’

The direction was predictable to some extent, but it didn’t have enough speed to approach Finn.

Finn’s doll regained its health as if laughing at Snowfall and Toki.

[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Saesal.]

[Recovers 70% of the stamina just lost at a rapid rate.]

Does this prove that the Labyrinth and the Pain Doll are one in the same?

As Finn regained his stamina, the season changed once again.

[Asceticism: The season of the devil is coming.]

[Strong winds blow throughout the battlefield.]

[Asceticism: The season of the shepherd is coming.]

[A hymn of glory for you is resounding.]

[The ascetic is the glory. Affected by the hymn.]

[All of the ascetic’s abilities increase by 35%.]


It was difficult for everyone to move during the season of the Demonic Beast.

Because the direction of the wind changes every moment, if you make a mistake, you could lose your balance and fall from here.

However, it was not such an unfair situation because all the time of the dangerous requiem was wasted.

In the meantime, a message came to mind.

[The Season of the Whimsical is coming to an end.]

[The Season of Death will arrive when the season changes twice.] [

The Season of Death harvests all life on the battlefield.]

‘Damn… it’s an instant death pattern… ..’

An instant death pattern that exists not only in the labyrinth but also in the elements of the eternal world.

It was a device that was mainly activated when the horse did not meet certain conditions.

‘It took too long….’

It has to end in the next season.

Otherwise, the season of death will arrive and all life on the battlefield will disappear. Of course, that includes snowfall.

Kang Seol looked at Toki to mention this.

But I couldn’t get the words out.

Toki also seemed to know that the end was coming.

And instead of Kang Seol’s words, Toki’s words were delivered instead.

“young people.”


“Don’t give up till the end.”


“And while living, if possible, do good deeds sometimes.”

The seasons changed and another season came.

The last season before the season of death.

[Asceticism: The season of the wizard has arrived.]

[Forms a portal connected to each other on the battlefield.]

[Asceticism: The season of the harvester has arrived.]

[Soul dolls are created on the battlefield.]

[The head of the lantern . The souls placed above come to the battlefield.]


before the soul dolls are even created.


Toki charged furiously. Naturally, he had to be rejected.



[Soul Puppet: Toki uses debris scattering.]

[If you hit the rubble, your vision becomes blurred.]

Finn’s doll was again concerned about Toki’s method, so this time he took a big step back.


And when I looked back at the battlefield, Toki was not there. Surprisingly, his unsightly movements fooled Finn’s doll’s attention.


Finn’s doll prepared for the imminent shock. However, what came was not a shock from a blow, but a feeling of inconvenience.


Toki’s doll grabbed Finn’s arms from behind and shouted.

“Now is….”


Contrary to Finn’s intention to shake him off with rejection, Toki’s doll stuck to him like a cicada and did not fall off.


The final season.

It all had to end now.

[Record of Pain: Pin Modria is the season: Use emergency blood transfusions



Toki was grabbed by Finn’s doll and screamed, but he never got away from Finn.

Finn struggled and tried to prepare for Snowfall’s next attack.

Rejection has already been used against Toki.


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Blood Curtain.]

[Nullifies 75% of physical damage.]


The shout of snowfall.

Has there ever been a moment this desperate?

Kang Seol had been so patient for this one moment.

He let out what had been building up inside him without realizing it and rushed towards Finn.

And at that moment, Finn’s doll spoke.

“It’s the end… this pain too…”

In an instant, the curtain surrounding Finn’s doll shrank.


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria uses Combo: Umbrella Fold.]

[Blood Spear of the same grade as Blood Curtain is activated.]

[Combine: Blood Curtain cannot be used during the cooldown of Umbrella Fold.]

Finn The doll was only aiming for this moment. Just this moment when the enemy lets down their guard under the delusion that they have won.


The bloody spear missed. From the beginning, the bloody spear was fired in a rather strange direction rather than directly in front of the snowfall.




A bloody storm broke out in front of Kang Seol’s eyes.

And the emptiness that comes at the same time.

loss. freedom.

Or pain.

There were countless words to describe this situation.

Toki shouted.


The bloody spear passed through the portal and aimed at Kang Seol’s right arm. As a result, Snowfall’s entire right arm was blown away.

Soon, terrible pain and suffering came to Kang Seol.

Finn’s doll was satisfied. The moment he aimed, it escaped from its shell and bit off the enemy’s neck.

But what followed was something strange. After being hit by the bloody spear, Snowfall didn’t panic, rolled on the floor and ran back.

Even though it would be painful and embarrassing. Why doesn’t it stop?

“I finally got it! “You turtle bastard!”

Finn’s doll was startled and released as much power as possible.


The foot that had not been moving finally moved. If I could escape just a little bit, that was fine. With that, I was able to defeat that man.

But that’s just the wind.

Although Kang Seol grimaced in pain, his mouth smiled. It was an expression that only appeared when he was sure of victory.


You’re still the same.

“It’s obvious.”

Just like a coward.


[Switches to volcano stance.]

[All attacks cause flames to ignite.]

[An explosion occurs at the point of impact.]

[Continuous: Transferring flames are applied.]

[Continuous: Heat and warmth are applied. ]


A large black shadow appeared over Snowfall’s torn right arm.

Then it turned into a huge arm and shot forward.

[Raven: Uses Iron Fist Rule.]

[Shadow Hand is persistent: Affected by Transferring Flame.]

[Shadow Hand is persistent: Affected by heat and warmth.]

Aspects of the battle designed by Finn’s doll The design of snowfall was overlaid above.

He ran in even though he knew from the start that he would lose his right arm.

If you leave here, there will be no next chance. If Kang Seol hesitated for even a moment in pain, it would all be over.

Toki laughed as the world was filled with a black fist filling his vision.

“I avoided last place.”

A huge fist struck Finn and Toki, who was trapping him.


Fragments of the doll flew everywhere.

And with this, Snowfall destroyed her old self.

At the end of the temperamental season, it all finally came to an end.

In the place where his black fist swept away, nothing was left except deep grooves.

[Asceticism: The season of death is coming.

The message did not continue until the end.

Instead, another message filled his vision.

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