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The 31st Piece Turns the Tables Chapter 379

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Chapter 379

The source of the loud noise was that one of the guys swung a mace that was not suitable for a guesthouse.


However, Yurim’s efforts unfortunately went sideways and she easily avoided the attack.

‘Should I say it’s my first real fight…?’

I could already feel the difference in power from the opponent’s momentum.

Our side has an overwhelming advantage.

In that case… it might be a good idea to take some drastic measures.



Weapons that are pulled out.

He quickly grabbed Yurim by the shoulder and brought her into the room.


Yurim was able to react well, but she pretended to be embarrassed for no reason.


I pulled the door and closed it hard.

“this person! “You bastard!”

A mace that hits the door straight away.


Naturally, the wooden door was torn apart by the attack.

However, countless things can happen even in that brief moment when the door is closed.


When we hit our palms together, darkness rose.


“Uh oh….”

No, to be exact, it was a bunch of shadow hands.

[Use the black flower.]

[The shadow hand strikes repeatedly. The damage per attack is the same as the Shadow Hand, and when hitting the same target, 20% additional damage is applied for each successive attack.]


Guys who quickly evade.

It’s a futile effort.





Whoa whoa!


Because the shadow can bend as much as you want.

Black Flower chased after them and knocked them down.

The guys were lying down with their arms grotesquely bent, as if their bones were broken.

Compassion is a luxury.

“Seol-ah, stop.”


Yurim stopped me.

There was no need to exert effort against an opponent with an overwhelming gap.

The internal evaluation of the tent has already said that our strength is no lower than that of the executives of the Faces.

The problem is the variables in practice.

“These… bastards…”

The owner of the room whose wrists were tied with the shadow cast by Yu-rim. We needed his information.

“Let’s be clear, we didn’t touch it first. “That one goes first.”

“…Are you here because of Lian?”

“Yeah, you know?”

“I know, for a while, I watched him move his spoon back and forth between meals and how many times he did his errands a day.”

“You followed him.”

“That was the request.”


These people were members of a not-so-great intelligence organization. Just because the powerlessness of those who had just experienced it was mediocre, it did not mean that their ability to gather information was impaired.

“First of all, can you do something about those guys? “You’re whining too much.”


I blink often these days.

‘Is it an effect of the headache?’

Yurim stepped in and organized them instead. The only thing I can do to clean it up is to put it in an empty room and inform the owner.

Now that the door was gone, I opened the door to an empty room instead of this one and went in to interrogate the person I had captured.

“It’s not true that we found out later whether Rian was a Jang. “By the time I found out it was a curtain, it was already too late to let go.”

“Are you late?”

“I had already delivered the information to the client.”


“Trust me, it’s true! “If I had known in advance that it was related to the tabernacle, I wouldn’t have taken on this job!”

Jangmag was known to outsiders as a vicious group of guys.

Perhaps it was someone trying to tarnish our existence, but Bitan dismissed the tactic like this:

– It’s easier to move! Let’s leave it alone!

I am definitely feeling it.

The sight of people trembling just by looking at the shape of their mouths to see what I was going to say…

gave me a strange feeling of pleasure.

Then I had to ask the most important question.

“Who is the client?”

“…they were the sisters wearing masks.”

“Sister… Sister….”

If you go.


“Was it the same mask?”

“… that’s right.”

Surprised face.

It’s them.

The faces seem to be targeting Rian, an external member of the tent.

‘It’s not disappearance, it’s kidnapping. Or… murder.’

Yurim’s expression darkened as she listened to the story. However, the way he tried not to show it seemed even more pitiful.

What I heard before coming here was that she often hung out with Lian when she was young. That’s why I’m distressed after hearing the news.

But it was painful for me to watch her, too.

Yurim is a little bird to me.

Anything she did made me feel sad and saddened. I don’t know why.

“What we received in advance was half of the promised amount. “I handed over the information properly, so now I’ll get the remaining half.”

“…tsk tsk.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

This man knows too.

“I know that they are faces… and that you will die if you go. You’ll be lucky if your life isn’t taken away, let alone the balance. But you can’t run away either. “I’ll come after you to clean up after you.”

He was a person who knew how to use his head rather than his thoughts.

“So you deliberately exposed your identity to us.”

“It’s not a lie that Jangmag has the skills as rumored, but I know that there are many lies in their actions. “It also means that you need the power of the veil to escape the faces.”

“Did you decide that we would spare you for passing on information about the darkness of the veil? “That seems like a bit of a misjudgment.”

“No, I know how to look at people properly. I was sure the moment I saw your face. “We can survive.”

“… why?”

I would be lying if I said this made me feel bad.

‘Are you making fun of me?’


The man laughed.

“I think it makes sense.”

“… Are you planning to resolve it amicably through conversation?”

The man said this.

“I’ll tell you where to pick up the balance.”

“Sounds obvious.”

“But I also need to check one thing. Can you take them out? “It looks like they are newbies to the tent.”

It wasn’t wrong.

You can be suspicious.

Compared to the notoriety of these faces, we have achieved nothing yet.

“There is a way. I can’t say it though. Anyway, we’ll take care of it ourselves. But is that all it is?”

“Of course this will not be enough. If you guys want to shake off those damn masks. Honestly, we are rooting for you guys. In that sense… I’ll hand over some other information.”

“Any other information?”

“Once we found out that Rian was a tent, we investigated a lot of things. “Any means necessary.”

“About what?”


Information about faces.

This really interested me.

‘Was this the reason you were confident?’

The man’s three fingers were stretched out.

“I’ll hand over all three pieces of information. Kill the faces and let us escape.”

“The decision is made after hearing the information.”

“Yes, but you won’t be able to refuse. “All three pieces of information are helpful to you.”

The man whispered in my ear.

Rather than feeling tickled, each word gave me goosebumps.

Because the contents were all dangerous.

“…Are you sure?”

“There is no definite information anywhere. However, the reliability is high.”

If I had been sure, I would have doubted it.

“All information is just a means of reference.”

“How did you get your hands on the information?”

“If you only dig into one side, you won’t find the answer. I just drew the big picture. “I was lucky enough to get caught.”

Three clues handed over from him.

I told him.

“You are free.”

“Look at this, it makes sense.”

* * *

A few days later, at night, a secret meeting was scheduled to take place in a very dark forest.

The informants who were scheduled to leave this world with their throats cut by the surprised faces were not present.

Instead, Yurim and I came.

“Ugh… it’s cold. “Let’s stay close, Seol.”


We leaned towards each other on the tree.

A battle will soon take place here.

It would be better to relax.

‘My first opponents are faces.’

Unusually, there was not just one person with a surprised face.

They were sisters.

Their fighting power is said to be lower than that of other faces, but when they come together, they exert just as much power.


A sound that approaches quietly, like the approaching dusk.

‘… came.’

I nodded to Yurim.

Yurim took a deep breath and nodded.


‘… Huh?’


The guy turns around and goes back.

I knew because Yurim gave me the signal first.

If this happens, the story will be different.

Should I chase them or wait here?

Each reason existed.

If I didn’t chase after them now, there was a risk of losing sight of Rian and the faces. Of course, there was also the risk that it could lead us to other places and lead us into a trap.

The option waiting here is definitely safe.

‘Because help was supposed to come.’

For this work, one person from outside the organization decided to come to support. It seemed like he also had a relationship with Yurim.

It is said that he learned swordsmanship from that person when he was a child living in a tent.

Yurim’s swordsmanship was solid.

You were probably influenced by that person.

“What should I do? “You already left a message saying that the message was coming this way…”

My senses, instinctively following the flow of events, warned me.

If you miss it, there will be no next chance.

“Let’s leave a mark.”

“Mark? “Let’s go after it ourselves?”

“I do not have time. “Why do you think it’s difficult?”

Respect Yurim.

She was the main force in the battle, so if she refused, it would naturally be a matter of reconsideration.

“good! Snowfall If that’s what you think! Absolutely great!”

The real problem is that Yurim holds my opinion in high regard.

Because it saved her life time and time again.


After leaving a mark on the tree, I immediately chased after it. Since these guys have noticed, they won’t just run away.

We also increased our tracking speed.



Yurim can run much faster than me. Still, running next to me was probably out of consideration for me.


We stopped at the same time.

“This is why the tent kids have no fun. You guys are tents, right? “How did you find out?”

Two masked women appeared in the darkness with wide eyes and surprised expressions.

Tap tap…

A woman with a slightly low voice tapped the sheath of her sword.

“I’ve prepared the balance as best I can, but it looks like they’re going to intercept it.”

“There’s nothing we can do… shouldn’t we at least take care of them?”

Since it meant that the balance would soon be beheaded, it was like a warning or a declaration of war.

‘…are you used to it? ‘Isn’t it unfamiliar?’

Women’s voices.


A little habit.

All of that was familiar.



“What is your name?”

“What are you saying, boy?”

“I don’t know, are you just playing house? “I guess you’re curious about our names?”

My sister answered.

“I’ll tell you what. These are names I threw away anyway. I’m Veldre. “I am your sister.”

“Belian. It’s my younger brother. Kick… Why do I have to tell you this?”

“Then can I kill you now?”

Beldre Belian.

‘That’s right… I think I’ve heard of it.’



“Ah… yes.”

“… We’ll have to fight, right?”

Yurim said, shaking her hands.

She had a bad habit of getting extremely nervous before a battle. A completely different person from me.

The reason why Yurim was captured by Agras even though he had great talent was because of this habit.

But that’s just her from the past.


I placed my hand on the back of her hand.

“Don’t shiver.”


“I am there.”

It’s a magic spell.

Giving her wings.

Sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss goings…

She sinking down as calmly as a lie.

It’s like leaving your body in the sea.




A surprised face that pulls out a sword as if in a fit.


“Did you feel it too?”

Yurim’s momentum changed.

‘Rather, you should be nervous. It’s real.’

Rather, the problem was me.

I wasn’t nervous because Yurim’s reaction felt normal.

Not a single one.

I was very used to being on the battlefield.

Commanding the battlefield and devising a winning formula.

A sheet of music unfolds in my head.

The composition of the instrument, the solidity of the sound, the accumulation of chords.

Everything on the battlefield resonates.

The completion of the stride and nose formula also increases the heart rate.

“My younger brother is suffering.”


Yurim nodded.

And crash at the same time.

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahchchchlightlight mark!

[Use the bell of darkness.]

[Summon a ghost made of shadows.]

[The ghost is good at destroying the surrounding terrain.]

[The ghost is affected by the summoner’s abilities.]


When the shadow wraith, the servant of darkness, was summoned, the sisters emitted light from their swords.


A vibrating sword.

“Yurim… you know?”

“Yes, I will buy time.”

The winning formula we have perfected.

Yurim will faithfully implement it.


Yurim flew out like a whirlwind.

The intention is to tie the sisters together before they disperse.




Two crashes.

Yurim gains tens or hundreds of times more information from the conflict than others.

And that is where victory or defeat is determined.

Let’s go!

Crossing swords with Veldre…


He kicked Belian, who was running towards him.


‘That’s enough!’

If you can block something once, it will still be the same even if you block it thousands of times.

Yurim is that kind of kid.

‘Then I…’


[Uses expanding darkness.]

[The area suddenly darkens.]

Magic that affects the surrounding environment.

I was a summoner, a fighter, and a wizard.

The expanding darkness usually affected the surrounding environment, making it suitable for moderately sized battles.

It wasn’t very useful in small-scale fights like this because it only consumed a lot of mana compared to its effectiveness, but I came up with a way to use it.


It’s food.

The summoned servant of darkness began to suck in the darkness. I counted the numbers backwards.

It goes down from 30.

‘It’s 30 seconds, Yurim. Until complete victory.’

My joining the battle right away could ease the burden on her.

However, it was not a sure way to win.

“… what?”

“… I’ll start working from there.”

When the servant of darkness showed strange behavior, the sisters with surprised faces quickly responded.

Then Yurim swung his sword sharply.





There was a straight line drawn on the floor.

Right in front of Yurim’s feet.

“You can never get over it.”

“…is it exhilarating?”

“I really need to go this way too.”



The sisters’ swordsmanship became strange.

The two soon moved as one.

Yurim must have felt it too, concentrating without closing her eyes.


The collision occurred.


“You blocked it?”

“Then try blocking this too!”

[Velian uses the vibrating sword.]

[The sword vibrates, making defense difficult.]

[Veldre uses the spreading sword.]

[The effect given to the sword gradually expands the range. Widens and spreads.]

Different swords.


Yurim noticed their trick.


I gathered my energy and prepared for the coming shock.

“I got caught!”


Belian and Veldre’s swords were overlapped with Yurim’s sword.


A shock strong enough to shake nearby trees was transmitted from Yurim’s sword backwards.


A small wound appeared on Yu-rim’s face, and her arms trembled.


But I endured it.

“Huh… Huh….”

“It’s over. Now you can’t even lift a finger… Sister?”

“Wait… I can’t see him.”

“… what?”


I supported Yurim from behind.

And then I took out the numbers I had prepared.

The result of three years of thinking.

I followed a strangely familiar path.

When I knocked on that door, I suffered from a terrible headache, but I kept knocking.

I instinctively felt that the answer was there. That place… was a treasure trove.


[The servant of darkness has charged up enough darkness.]

[Summons the Darkling.]

[The Darkling’s combat power is proportional to the amount of darkness used for summoning and the summoner’s abilities.]

The darkness gradually becomes larger . .

And the giant who appeared inside.

“… what’s this.”

“This kind of thing…”

Yurim laughed.

The reason the battle was going on like this was because she was confident and wanted it.

He saves me like a prince in a fairy tale.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuthe the…

the shadow lily’s fist was pulled back and then thrown forward.




The sisters with surprised faces tried to defend themselves with their fists, reducing the force contained in them, but they ended up hitting a tree and getting injured.

“Cough… this kind of power… something like this…”

My sister said something good to counter it just in time.

Yes, I am born again.

To shake off the days I endured in hell.

“This is not power.”

“… It’s not strength?”

What Toki said the day he pulled me out of hell.

“It is the belief of the veil that embraces the darkness.”

I am the crow of the tent.

Now I have sprouted wings that allow me to fly anywhere.

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