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Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 1187

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Chapter 1187

In conclusion, the conversation broke down.

I tried to muster up courage, but in the end, I only saw the true nature of the noble person.

‘You don’t think I’ll let you die. No matter what your mentality is, I will make sure you survive even if you have to go through the ritual one more time.’

‘It’s okay to just die for now.’

Professor Jin had a lot to think about.

But is it okay to go outside the dimension like last time and search in a place where Bokhee’s power doesn’t work?

Jin Cheon-hee holds her head as she thinks crazy thoughts.

‘Ah, Hyeonwonjeondanshingong will never let me go crazy.’

However, due to human nature, when something difficult happens, we get hurt, feel depressed, and have trouble sleeping at night.

Up to that point, Hyeonwonjeondanshingong can’t do anything.

This thing only prevents cognitive distortion.

Anyway, it’s not brainwashing.

Let’s think about it simply.

‘It looks like our Yu family doesn’t want me to die!’

Yuho and Geumjjogi combined are called Yujjogi.

It is an inevitable law of nature that humans are born and die.

It’s even more surprising that he kept dying and coming back to life again and again.

‘In any case, we have no choice but to try to rescue ourselves in areas where Fuxi’s blood does not reach.’

There is no telling what would happen to a person if something like that happens twice.

Hyeonwonjeondanshingong will help me not go crazy, but I still don’t have the confidence to live with that enormous mental load.

‘I’ve never been this hard before.’

“Are you sleeping?”

These days, a few people from the upper chamber came to me and asked me this.

Normally, these guys would run away like a tropical fish that has encountered a predator, but I would have said everything to the extent of asking because I was worried about the incinerator.

‘It’s a bit awkward to smoke cigarettes in the royal palace.’

It’s not a battlefield, this is definitely ‘my home’.

Additionally, smoking is prohibited inside the royal palace.

It’s not a problem that Hyun-kyung goes out and smokes, but it’s strangely annoying that he’s doing this in a place where he should be resting.

Instead of smoking cigarettes, Jin Cheon-hee puts whole herbs in her mouth and chews them like gum.

Then, put the honey-hardened stick in your mouth and roll it around.


After all, when humans lose their mentality, they seem to regress in infants.

Professor Jin puts a Jungwon-style lollipop in his mouth and rolls it, saying that it must be a sign that he is going back to the oral cavity stage, as he is looking for something to put in his mouth.

In conclusion-

‘I ended up avoiding Yuho more.’

How could I ever see this guy again after hearing something like that?

However, Yuho became more confident, as if he had to run if he wanted to escape.

‘Yuho says he will do it as many times as it takes for me to die.’

Although he says he built the generator that increases his physical strength.

Isn’t this so vicious!

‘Ah, is this the way the karma of working as a graduate student comes back?’

-It’s not like you can die of old age comfortably at home, so shouldn’t you be thankful if they stop you from going out and dying?

As expected, the fox doesn’t have the heart of a human being.

How can a human mind endure that any longer?

‘No, and it’s my life. You bastard. ‘It’s my life!’

Then someone shouted.

“Ah, Director Yu. “Are you here?”


Cheer up!

Professor Jin felt karma.

Deeper than the sea.

It was the professor’s karma that was crueler than Antarctica.

‘Oh, should I jump?’

* * *

after that.

As soon as she heard that Yoo Ho was coming, Jin Cheon-hee jumped out with all her might.

‘I’m tired of running away from Yuho.’

Hyun-kyung’s expert is avoiding Yoo-ho.

More violently.

So much time passed-

‘Spring is now in full swing in Jiangsu Province.’

White flowers are blooming on every ridge, and birds are eagerly looking for mates.

Farming begins.


Thunder is heard in the distance.

Normally, lightning would have already been sprinkled before farming, but wherever you go, there are always latecomers.

Jin Cheon-hee burned candy and devoted herself to work.

This is to treat PTSD caused by the light ship.

Of course, the ‘Deungseon’ was something that was significantly different from the route that Gangho people took, but in any case, it was also a route that belonged to the Deungseonmun, Deungseongang, and Deungseonmok, ‘honorable ones.’

‘It’s a waste….’

I don’t know why everyone sees it that way.

Of course, I understand it intellectually.

People of this world.

Especially because I know what breaking away from the top means for Kang Ho-in.

However, the feeling of those who have experienced it is that when it happens, you go, ‘Hahaha! If there is a crazy person who can say, ‘I am finally the best person in the world!’, he is probably sitting to the right of the leader of the Blood Mission.

This means it is not a human baby.

‘Of course, as Master said, in this world, the lives of hundreds or thousands of powerful people can be decided by a single major or spiritual level.’

It goes beyond simply saying that a person’s life is a fly’s life.

In the end, it is natural for a human being to sacrifice his life for his desires, Tao, or cooperation.

The end of your life is up to you to decide.

He lives in a world where how he dies is more important than how he lives.


In any case, I plan to reject that approach again and again.

‘But for some reason Yuho has no intention of abandoning me.’

Even if you wash your hands once in a while at the beginning of the year and say, ‘I’m going to live well in this dirty world!’, it’s a world where you can die by sharply cutting,

This is not a fox cub that can understand that death.

The fox is obsessed with Jin Cheon-hee’s survival.

‘Probably because I help increase his divine power.’

I know that he is a ‘noble man’.

And as his name becomes more widely known, his status will naturally increase.

Even if you don’t have any knowledge of magic, you can know this just by looking at the reactions of the three guys, Nokryeok, Yangryeok, and Horyeok, when they face Yuho.

-I see you in the presence of a noble person.

Anyone who sees him saying this and bowing loudly from a hundred paces away can’t help but think that.

From now on, Yu Ho was allowed to bow further than ten paces.

And when you’re busy, they tell you to skip it because it’s annoying.

At those words, the complexions of his youkai friends turned blue.

-Do you really mean not to bow?

Upon hearing that, their reaction was, ‘Wow, this noble person has an informal personality! It’s not like, ‘I’m glad I don’t have to show respect!’

Even though he said this, on a bad day, his expression showed an instinctive worry that he might hit our throats.

What kind of situation is this? Go away.

Anyway, in the end, the only person who raises the level of Yoo Ho is Jin Cheon-hee himself.

‘okay. He doesn’t want to lose it. ‘The only means of enhancing physical strength!’

Even thinking about it again, he is a terrible guy.

This is why he lived by eating human livers in his old days.

Jin Cheon-hee thought about this and decided to treat Yu-ho even more harshly.

like that.

Professor Jin throws several tasks for the Senate in front of Yuho and affixes his seal.

Then, I heard the sound of Professor Jin clearing his throat in front of his room.

“Ah, Muwol. “Come in.”


The tips of Muwol’s ears that came inside were red.

It is still the season with large daily temperature differences.

It looks like he waited outside for a long time.

‘Oh my, I’ve been lost in thought for too long.’

It is a bad habit to not be able to see your surroundings when you are deeply immersed in something.

Even on the battlefield, I was still nervous and looked at my surroundings, but here, because it was a royal palace, I completely let down my guard.

Muwol’s gait.

And Jin Cheon-hee said as she saw the energy coming from his shoulders.

“You seem to be getting deeper day by day.”

“Ah, you recognize me as expected.”

In the past, it was unnatural because it was artificially created, but now it can be said to be a fully-ripened landscape.

Muwol said.

“Strangely enough, the more I work, the more I remember the verses recited by each Lord, and the more I become more and more inactive.”


What kind of martial arts did Master teach Muwol?

It will definitely be very helpful to Muwol’s life… It may be martial arts, but it is.

It is highly likely that Dr. Muwol will not be there.

“Ah, hahaha… I’m glad.”

Jin Cheon-hee said while breaking into a cold sweat.

“In addition, this time, with the approval of each lord, I learned a martial art that was a modified version of the Hyeonwonjeondanshingong. Although it is not as good as the original Hyeonwonjeondanshingong, I can feel that the world is getting slower and my perception is getting faster.”


Are they using their faster cognition to make them work even more like cattle?

This is Master.

‘Still, you would do this for Muwol Hana. ‘Master thinks of Muwol as much as the other heads of the clan.’

Jin Cheon-hee immediately realized Master’s true intention.

Just as Master cares for the heads of the clan, he also cares for Muwol.

Of course, if the heads of the clan who had watched Master since he was young heard the story, they would look at Muwol like a pitiful bastard.

In any case, it is not at all easy to receive the favor of Jegalin, the sage of white lin.

Now, even though Muwol wants to grow old, he cannot.

He wants to get sick, but he can’t.

Even if he wants to die, he cannot.

Oh, Master!

When the pillars of the Uigak are aligned in a straight line, you will descend through overwork and in madness!


He realized that even if he wanted to die, he couldn’t.

‘It’s just like me.’

It was Jin Cheon-hee, with whom I felt a strange connection.

“Anyway, what’s going on?”

Muwol’s eyes lit up.

“Lord Sogak said he was very expert in engine jinsik, so I came to ask for advice.”

“…I’m a congressman.”

“Isn’t he also the only successor to the Zhuge family? Besides, for you to be a member of the National Assembly, the grinding machine you made this time is not the idea of a typical craftsman, is it?”


Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be strange to add one more engine to this career.

Wasn’t it Zhuge Ce in the first place?

Even though people don’t know about Jeokbyeok Daejeon, they know that dumplings are delicious.

“Um… so, what’s going on?”

“As Baekrin Uigak’s distribution network expanded… inevitably, carriage transportation increased significantly. The problem is that a large number of patients with back pain occur when carriages are operated for long periods of time.”

“Aha, yes. “I received a report that there were many requests for Chuna Party members last year.”

Even in modern society, truck drivers and taxi drivers who drive for long periods of time tend to suffer from various diseases such as back pain and turtle neck.

But driving a carriage of this era for a long period of time?

It’s perfect for the waist and pelvic bones.

“Because Baeklin Uigak treats it as a kind of industrial accident.”

“That’s right.”

“What about treatment?”

“They are doing a good job… but the frequency is high. This is the cause of budget shortage.”


Ultimately, every business starts and ends with a budget.

“okay. “What do you want to ask of me?”

“I would like you to make some improvements to this carriage. Somehow. “There is nothing we can do if Lord Sogak has no way.”

Prevention costs are cheaper than treatment costs!

“You don’t look like I’m Doraemon, do you?”

(Do you think I am some kind of goblin bat!)

I don’t know what it means, but for some reason, Muwol was translated.

Muwol answered.

“well. “Just as Lord Sogak respects My Highness Yuho, I also respect Lord Sogak the same way.”

(Incinerator. Should I be alone in labor hell? Try it too!)

Jin Cheon-hee thought while translating Mu-wol’s words.

‘Muwol has grown up well.’

A person who has indeed received Master’s baptism.

“Uhm. “I’ll think about it.”

Jin Cheon-hee said that and sent Mu-wol away.

‘It’s a carriage….’

Although it is a world where roads are not very developed, people still use horse-drawn carriages to transport their luggage when traveling on major roads.

In addition, large roads are being formed in the area where Jin Cheon-hee passed, centered around Baekrin-gun, so is this a natural task?


Jin Cheon-hee was rubbing his chin for a while.

Eventually I woke up.

‘I should try riding a carriage first.’

If you think about it.

Jin Cheon-hee also remembers riding a carriage often in the past.

In particular, the carriage that Master rode was comfortable to ride.

But there are other carriages…

‘It was really bad.’

* * *

Tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck.

Jin Cheon-hee on a carriage test drive.

He is riding a wagon among other carriages.

I am sitting next to the driver’s seat, or in the passenger seat of a car, and feeling this ride.

In the coach seat, a coachman hired by Baekrin Uigak is sitting and driving a horse.

The coachman looks at Jin Cheon-hee with sad eyes.

‘Are you trying to invent something great again?’

I don’t know what he’s planning to do this time, but there’s no one who doesn’t know what Baeklin Uigak Incinerator has done.

‘He is the one who truly understands the pain of people like us!’

While the coachman was impressed.

Jin Cheon-hee actually thought.

‘If I don’t solve this this time, Muwol will try to kill me.’

Even if I couldn’t kill him physically, I felt like I could kill him for work.

And this damn wagon.

‘okay. The iron carriage for the Daesukshin clan was not meant to be brought here.’

Since it was a military carriage, the ride quality was not good at all.

The Sukshin tribe are experts in archery and fireworks.

Building a carriage that can’t be penetrated by these guys means building a carriage that can break through against these legions.

Naturally, there is no option such as ‘Considering the health of the passengers’ hips and spine.’

Still, it is nothing compared to this wagon.

‘Oh, I’m Hyeon-gyeong and I think I’m going to get motion sick…’

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