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Novel Path of The Shaman Chapter 630

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Episode 100 (Complete of Seon Gye Yeo)

“Who Said Who Came?”

Jade Emperor’s eyes widened at the report of Chilseong Goddess, who protects Jamiwon, the highest place in the sky.

“That’s it…”


Jade Emperor frowned at the hesitation of the Chilsung Gods and jumped up from his seat.

“done! I will go and see for myself!”

“…I will command the Emperor’s residence.”

“Damn it! What kind of emperor’s is the Emperor’s!”

I’m dying in a hurry, what’s the use of a wagon?

Jade Emperor cried out and took a straight step.

Sagyesan, the center of the world of seongye, with a passage to Mt. Mudang.

Many people were already waiting there.

Amitabha, the leader of the Red Light Pure Land, and Taesang Nogun, Cheonsi Wonju, the head of the world of celestial beings, and the Buddhas and immortals under them.

In addition, all the twenty-eight beasts who were supposed to protect the four directions of the heavenly world had come together, each taking out their dharma tools, and blocking something with a nervous expression.

“What a fuss!”

Those who turned their heads at the reprimand, who were clearly displeased, all knelt down and bowed their heads toward the Jade Emperor.

“Meet the Jade Emperor.”

“What kind of greeting is…” Jade

Emperor waved his hands nervously and looked toward the passageway with Ingye prepared in Mt. Sagye.

I could tell without even looking. It was because I could feel the creepy demonic energy of the conflict.

“Oh my God, what do you do with this? In the Holy Land…”

“What a fuss without a shaved head! Get out of the way.”

“…yes? Ah yes.”

Amita, with her palms together, muttered with a worried face, then shyly backed away after hearing a cold scolding.

“Everyone get out of here!”

“…” As

Jade Emperor’s remarks echoed loudly, the people filling the aisle looked at each other and looked at each other awkwardly.

“They… didn’t you hear me!”

At the ensuing shouts, everyone moved left and right to open the way. The Jade Emperor’s gaze went straight across the open road.

“Tsk. At least I could have left everything and passed by.”


The first to appear was Jinmu, standing crookedly with a branch of a divine tree hanging over his shoulder as always.

However, he was not wearing black armor.

What he was wearing was a white dragon embroidered robe on a pure white background, and a white dragon robe that was handed down to the shaman.

What is the meaning of throwing away the clothes of the heavenly world and taking the things of the human world? Could it be anything more than denying that he belongs to the heavenly realm?

The Jade Emperor, who clearly confirmed his will, glared at Jinmu with a twinkle in his eyes.

Of course, the fact that the Jade Emperor was angry was not the only reason why everyone in the celestial world came out and was so nervous.

Isn’t he the one who returned victorious from the land that invaded the Human World? No matter what you wear, you should be happy and praise the ball.

The problem was those who followed Jinmu.

A young man with golden eyes and a solid build.

I’ve already heard about them.

The descendants of the dragon who were sealed in Daewoo’s law and found light due to Jinmu, and the criminal who was once a mountain soldier of the divine spirit and is becoming a god by following Jinmu.

And Bukri Docheon, a person who can feel the fire just by being by his side. He was once a demon king, but was reborn due to Jinmu and was reborn as a being that is neither a god nor a demon.

…at least I could understand them. The real big problem was right after that.


The moment he saw the arrogant woman standing behind Jinmu, Okhwang’s face twisted.

Moreover, after that, even the demon kings who rule the six worlds of the terrestrial world.

It was Jinmu who brought them all. In the land of the gods, in this sacred land!

It is impossible.

It would not be surprising if a fight broke out right away.

And how did you even get in? If the guards had sensed their musical energy, they would have closed the door no matter how much they accompanied Jinmu.

Could it be that it has something to do with the ancient power that Jinmu is said to have acquired?

You never know.

He was said to rule the heavens, but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand it.

I had already heard the meaning from the cheong-sang.

Maintain neutrality in takeover.

Neither the celestial world nor the earthly world should be involved in the handover of this world.

Realizing that the words were neutral and meant signing a non-aggression pact, he told them to wait at Mt. Sagye to think about it.

I haven’t even discussed the matter with the superiors yet… to drag all the devils as well as the noble mother. What the hell does this mean?

What the hell is this guy thinking…

But he couldn’t make a fuss about his mother like the others because of his face.

First of all, I had to confirm Jinmu’s true intentions.

Okhwang, who had been struggling to catch his breath and maintained his composure, was about to open his mouth with a solemn expression, but Jinmu smiled broadly and waved his hand first.

“Ah, the Jade Emperor!”


At that moment, Jade Emperor thought he had a problem with his hearing.

What did you just wave your hand at? Oh, Okhwaang?

His attitude as if he were meeting and saying hello to a good friend completely shattered his composure.

is that kid crazy?

“what? Why are you not happy? Do you hate that I came back alive?”


The atmosphere in the middle of the room cooled down at once due to Jinmu, who squeaks and squeaks in short words as if courtesy had been given away.

Fresh and evil, all of them were shocked and turned their heads around and were busy checking their eyes. The only thing that didn’t matter was the noble mother who had already suffered.

“What are you so surprised about? Then, did you think Jinmu-nim would do something for you?”


Calmness isn’t enough, even scorn!

Jade Emperor’s face was distorted by her unexpected intervention, so it was completely crumpled.

But wait… Now what?


“okay. No matter what happened in the past, it is Jinmu-nim.”


The Jade Emperor could not come to his senses from the series of absurdities.

If that upright lady is second to none with her strong pride, she would be saddened. She knows that Ji is the best in the world!

Do you treat Jinmu as if it were natural?

“Let’s go, Jinmu. There are a lot of strangers, so you can meet them at Jamiwon.”

“Oh yes.”


Jinmu nods his head at the urging of his mother and walks away.

No, the engineering school also works… Why are you guiding and fucking!?

“What’s wrong, you didn’t even prepare a wagon to ride? Since you’re such a spoiled brat… Is it because of you that Jinmu has to walk all the way to Jamiwon?”

“Ugh! Your mother.”

“Yes, Mr. Jinmu.”

“Don’t blame me too much. You probably don’t even know English yet.”

“no. It’s a sin for a guy in that position not to know. You should be scolded.”

“Heh, it’s okay, it’s okay. Stop it and hurry up.”

“Yes, Mr. Jinmu.”


Jinmu tapped his shoulder. Even though it’s a light hand gesture, Gwimo becomes even more polite after being hit.

The Jade Emperor was no longer angry.

What the hell is going on? Had the world turned completely upside down in a moment?

“What are you looking at? Can’t you see Jinmu-nim is waiting?!”


“Tteing! Anyway, the celestials have no bosses or subordinates. You should have beaten me earlier.”

Shaking his head and staring blankly at the backs of the two in front, Jade Emperor barely came to his senses and hurried his steps.

* * *

There were only three people gathered at Jamiwon, or Heavenly Palace.

The Jade Emperor, the lord of the heavens.

Gwimo, the owner of the land.

And Jinmu, who claims to be the representative of the human world.

However, only Jade Emperor and Jinmu were seated. Gwimo stood behind Jinmu and waited, asking how she could sit with him.

What the hell happened between them?

Judging from the mother’s reaction, it is clear that she was defeated by Jinmu


“It’s my family.”


“Haven’t you been curious about it since before?”


Jade Emperor blinked his eyes at the brief explanation he spat out in a tone that seemed insignificant. Jinmu smiled and stared at the Jade Emperor.

When the fight with his mother was over, what Jinmu demanded was loyalty in exchange for preserving her name and maintaining her rights in the realm.

A more certain relationship than just following.

oath of the spirit.

If the ghost mother goes against Jinmu’s wishes or reveals her ambitions for the human world again, she will immediately die forever.

With the mother accepting this, the two became a master-servant relationship.

Cancer It has to be put in order to pay for the fuss.

However, the Jade Emperor, who had no way of knowing the inside story, still looked lost.

“Is your mother a member of your household?”


“…what kind of nonsense is that?”

“It’s up to me to decide whether it makes sense or not, so don’t worry about it.”

“what? This bastard!”

The Jade Emperor was furious and angry at the answer while clearing his ears, but what returned was the cold death of his mother.

“Jade Emperor! Find a place to lie down and stretch your legs. I will not forgive you for being rude to Jinmu!”


Jade Emperor’s eyes twitched with anger at the bitterness and bloody eyes.

Since when did Ji belong to his family…

“Are you even going to threaten me in my land just for the sake of a thought body!”

“joy! A thought body is enough for you?”

“Your mother!”

Jade Emperor jumped up from his seat and Gwimo took a step forward. Jinmu clicked his tongue and scolded the two in an atmosphere that seemed like a fight would break out at any moment.

“Why are you screaming, kid? It’s so loud that my ears are full.”

“…You bastard.”

“Stop and sit down. stop it too Why do you keep beating me when I didn’t ask you to?”

When Jinmu’s voice was slightly annoyed, Gwimo stepped back with a startled expression, knelt down, and bowed her head.

“Sorry, I mean…”

“It’s okay.”


concise conversation.

Their relationship was no longer in doubt.

“her! A noble mother who doesn’t know how high the sky is being so polite… I really can’t believe it even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes.”

The Jade Emperor sighed and sat down in his seat.

Perhaps because she had been pointed out once, Gwimo only rolled her eyes and said nothing more.

How could she be called the head of the demons that invaded the Human World not so long ago?


I couldn’t believe it, but now I had to believe it. The Jade Emperor turned his gaze and stared at Jinmu.

Unlike the past, the mind cannot be read. In the end, I had no choice but to listen through my mouth.

“Yes, tell me now. Why did you come to see me?”

“I came up to the human world after the fight and they said they hadn’t withdrawn yet. I told you to clearly convey my intentions to the minister.”

“I heard that. But the matter is still being discussed…”

“Discussion? what discussion?”


“Do you have anything to discuss?”

“Of course. Human Empire has been in the shadow of Heaven for a long time. Don’t you, who were two generals in the heavens, know better?”


Jinmu laughed at Jade Emperor’s stool with a sudden cool look.

“shade? You speak as if the Human World is below the Heaven World.”

“Of course…”

“What’s natural?”


“When the lands invaded, you abandoned it like a devoted partner, and now you hear something like that?”

“That’s to protect the heavens…”

“The takeover? How many lives have been lost in the fight?”


The Jade Emperor didn’t say anything.

“If I had tried to keep it to the end, I wouldn’t have gone this far. I probably did my best with you as before.”


“But in the end, you only found a way to live. No matter what the takeover will be, only they will survive.”


“Once you throw it away, that’s it. So get your hands off it now.”

“It is not that simple.”

“Isn’t it simple? Then how do you make it more complicated?”


At some point, life mixed in Jinmu’s eyes.

“Why do you think I dragged all the demons and demons up?”


“Alone would be enough, but I brought you to feel more threatened. It is an armed demonstration.”

“What are you saying!”

“Are you deaf? The moment I refuse, I plan to destroy Jamiwon here. And I’m going to dry up all the celestial bastards. A world of hypocrites who take care of their own comfort while saying that they are good or bad.”

“…You bastard!”

“Why do you think it’s impossible?”


The Jade Emperor, who was about to get angry at the threatening threat, suddenly widened his eyes.

Jamiwon is trembling. And your back is damp… wet?

No, it’s not just the back. Sweat was seeping out of his hands.

A sensation that I feel for the first time in my life.

Could it be that you are afraid of yourself? Are you the master of heaven?

“I was just curious. I haven’t used the power of sound that I realized during the fight with the ghost mother yet.”


“What would happen if you knew the strength of the sheep that you have inherited from generation to generation?”


“Choose well. ‘Cause I’m already ready There is also a kite from the past, so I’ll pluck your neck first.”

At those words, the yin energy emitted from the thought body of the ghost mother behind her began to fill the heavenly palace.

However, Jade Emperor was more afraid of Jinmu laughing right in front of him.

He really intends to fight now.

I could no longer agonize in front of such a clear will and unprecedented power that I couldn’t even dare to guess.

“…in the human world… I’ll give up.”

Jamiwon’s trembling stopped at Jade Emperor’s words.

And Jinmu smiled widely. brighter than ever.

“good job. Then it happened.”

The Jade Emperor looked at him as he rose from his seat with a short compliment, and grumbled nervously.

“Damn it… you turned into a monster.”

“I know.”

“Where are you going now?”

“To where it should be.”

“Where should I be?”

“Yes, immortals are in the celestial world, and demons are in the realm of the earth… I feel comfortable in the human world. And you never know when you’ll break your promise and change your mind. So, you have to protect the country.”


Jinmu openly spoke of distrust, but the Jade Emperor did not refute.

That’s because there was a history that was already thrown away.

“Take a break and go.”

“I want to, but unfortunately there is a guy waiting for me to come back, so it’s difficult.”

“There’s a waiting… tooth?”



“I don’t think… I can’t refuse anymore.”

After the strange words, Jinmu left Jamiwon scratching his head.

So everyone found their place.

-Shaman Gihyeop: Seongyeoui Completion-

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