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Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound Chapter 500

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Side Story Episode 5

Whiiyiing –

A dry wind blows.

Black bloody and long gray beard blowing in the wind.

Bikir was walking on the white salt flats.

Hongmun (鴻門).

What was once a vast green area.

But now it’s a wasteland full of rocks and salt.

Bikir turned and looked out over the desert horizon.


Lonely and lonely.

Age weathers many things.

emotions and desires.

…… But nonetheless, there was still one emotion that fluttered, no different from when I was young.

good luck.

who is stronger

This must be a greed and regret that a warrior who lives on a knife-bap cannot let go of until he dies.

So Bikir moved on.

Throwing off all those restraints and restraints, and surrendering to the instincts that I had been patiently suppressing for a very, very long time ago.

Whii-yi-ying –

A salty wind blows.

As he cut through the edge of the storm that raged like a curtain with his sword, the path to the inside was opened.

Bikir found what he was looking for. This tower, which looks like an awl protruding from the ground of

‘Tomb of the Knife Point’,

has the black light of the night sky and the red light of blood at the same time.

It was still standing there, looking the same as before.

Bikir murmured as he brushed off the salt grains from his long beard.

“……The true Baskerville is born in the ‘cradle of the sword’.”

This is a famous phrase passed down within the Baskerville family.

but. There is actually a sentence hidden behind it.

“…The true Baskerville dies in the ‘grave of the sword’.”

Baskerville, who knows the existence of this phrase, is probably the only one at this point.

Eventually, Bikir entered the Tomb of the Blade.

Steps, each sharp like an awl, rose high and steep.

This, too, was still a landscape.

A terribly lonely, suffocating and lonely space.

With each step I took, my whole body shook sharply, and I felt as if I was opening a gun.

Countless knives can be seen embedded in the floor, walls and ceiling.

The water droplets that fell on them were red and fishy.


Bikir continued to climb the stairs.

One step at a time.

Like that, it was sliced, shaved, gouged out, worn out, and climbed toward the top.

And soon we met.

The iron throne at the top of the tower.

Then, a heavy, clear voice sounded as if metal was clashing with metal.

[This is the grave of the sword. The place where those who pursue the extremes of the sword finally come.]

And there, a man wearing thick iron armor with a long white beard was hanging down.

Under the white eyebrows, where there should be whites, there is empty darkness, and in the center of it, red eyes like the sun burn coldly.

His sharp, sharp nose like a knife, his tightly closed lips, his dark blue dead skin seemed to barely cover the skull.

The black heavy armor and huge greatsword he was wearing made the stronghold he was building look even more solid.

Bikir already knew his face.

Cane Corso Les Baskervilles.

The former seven counts who have gone through the turbulent times of the reigning kings and the strongest man of mankind who could not do anything even in the era of destruction.

He stroked his white beard and smiled broadly.

[It’s obviously a familiar face even seeing it for the first time. Does the intuition of a superhuman who has reached the highest realm transcend even time and space?]

Vikir did not bother to answer his words.

‘I remember the old days. When I first met the author, it was difficult even to get a single sword.’

I wonder how it will be now.

After the war with the demons, he hadn’t had a chance to test his strength, but it was a good opportunity.


Bikir picked up Baalzebub, his beloved sword that had been with him all his life.

Soon, the two swords collide.

Cain Corso wielded a large serrated bladed greatsword, and Bikir stabbed a long blade like Baalzebub’s awl through the whirlwind of a huge slash.

Old-style Baskerville and Old-style Baskerville.

Their collision happened in a very fleeting moment.

The moment when nine teeth meet nine teeth.


Bikir stopped moving as if struck by lightning.

A little late.

In other words, the numerous truths of the truth that he saw in the abyss of magic came to his mind.

In the meantime, something that had been blocked for a long time had been opened.


Space-time began to distort.

A small cluster of lights twinkles as the nine teeth tangle fiercely.

A tooth protruding from space in which a cloud of dust and gas floats.

It was the tenth tooth.

It was so small that it was hard to see, but it was clearly attached to the side of the nine teeth.


The moment it penetrated his body, Cain Corso thought.

[…is this the end?]

As if responding to this thought.


The sword body of his favorite soldier, Fragarch, who had been with him so far, was split in half.

Kane Corso muttered as he gazed warmly at the saw blade that was about to break.

[okay. Do you want to pay off now? Congratulations.]

The black energy that dwelled in Fragarh rises high into the sky.

The Cane Corso’s body also turned into red dust and began to fade.

[I couldn’t become a swordsman, but I could become a swordsman. As long as it serves as a milestone for descendants, I can be satisfied.]

He put his body on a slashing storm created by the clash of swords and sent them flying away.

It was like the end of a person who lived his whole life mad with a knife.



The storm has subsided.

only one person left. There was only one Bikir.

[Your birth is like the birth of a sword, and your death will be like the death of a sword.]

The voice of Cain Corso, now gone, fades away.

Right then.

“Ouch! You burn!”

I hear a loud screeching noise from behind.

Where Bikir looked around in amazement, he saw familiar faces standing there.

“Because I knew you’d come here.”

“I’ve been monitoring this place ever since I heard it muttered once before.”

“Everyone is very suspicious…”

“There are also former guards on our side who are masters of tracking.”

“What am I talking about? It’s true that I was a prison guard, but I’m not good at tracking. I don’t know if it’s an arrest.”

Camu Iyen Dolores Sinclair Kirko.

All of his friends from the other world were gathered here.

“Ho, I was going to come alone, but how…”

Rarely, Vikire stuttered.

The one who walked in front of him was Camus.

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I should have brought you. You don’t even know how to open the door to the abyss.”


Bikir fell silent.

Camus entered the tomb of the sword without wanting to, and soon looked at the traces of a huge spell engraved on the bottom of the spiral staircase.

“… Traces of ten mana wheels.”

Camus looked at the magic circle and the traces of mana injection on the floor.

“It’s similar to the magic of complete resuscitation, but it’s a much nobler, grander, and stronger magic. …… I can’t believe this kind of magic existed in the world. What was its purpose?”

“This seems to symbolize the truth itself. I can’t know what Camus sister doesn’t know, but…” Even

Sinclair, who had a good knowledge of magic, was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Iyen Dolores Kirko also butted heads.

“You can tell from the traces. It looks like there was a huge explosion.”

“I heard that this area used to be a dense forest area. Perhaps it was because of this explosion that it became a salt desert…” “Did

something like a meteorite fall? May be.”

And it was Camus who put all these opinions together.

“Yeah, you’ll know when you go again.”

The second expedition to the abyss.

Only this opinion was consistent with Bikir’s.

* * *

Bikir and Kamu once again reached the abyss of magic.

After passing the ‘Five Fingers of the Creator’ area, you will see a familiar phrase.

-Everything is born in the abyss of magic and returns to the abyss of magic.

-One day, when the fateful day when the stars move, the door to a new layer will open and everything will come to an inevitable end.

Two phrases that stand together as the gatekeepers of infinity and nothingness.

Camus stretched out the roots of the wraith tree and twisted the locks between the pillars.

After opening the 8 doors like that, Bikir was able to face something.

It was a spiritual body taking the form of a human female body.

Bikir was able to intuit the presence the moment he saw it.


That the existence that is emitting a bright light right in front of his eyes is his distant ancestor, ‘the first mother’.

And the mother told Bikir to her son.

[I missed you.]


Vikir didn’t say anything.

And the mother opened her mouth again.

[You guys got stuck and couldn’t leave. I don’t know how many generations have passed, but you are still my daughters and sons.]

The mother hugged her son tightly.

And he opened his mouth in a warm and moist voice.

[Now I can leave in peace. to where he went]

“Where are you going?”

Mother answered Bikir’s question.

[Goes to grab the hair.]


Looking at Bikir, who tilted her head with a puzzled expression, her mother reached out and stroked his head.



[As you please. heartily. Live to your heart’s content. Enjoy this world cheerfully.]

The mother seemed to already know and understand the purpose of Bikir’s coming here.

But Bikir still didn’t know what to do.

“Can’t I go too?”

At that question, the mother shook her head.

[Come to this place when the last moment of your life comes after a long time.]


[Until then, enjoy common flirting and ordinary self-satisfaction. That is the highest cheerfulness, knowledge, and love.]

That was the end with my mother.

* * *

Bikir has returned from the Sorcery Abyss.

And I spent a very long time in this world.

The happy times with his beautiful wives and cheerful children flowed like a dream of nine clouds.

How much time had passed like that?

Around the time when all the red dust in the world will be covered by the sand of time and will no longer rot.

It was only then that Bikir visited the abyss of magic for the third time.


In the first visit, I realized the truth of the alcohol and 10 meals of complete resuscitation.

On my second visit, I met my first mother.

What to do on the third visit?

“… … …”

Without saying a word, Bikir climbed the dust, cloud and starlight stairs one by one.

And at the end of the stairs, I came face to face with someone sitting at the end of the magical abyss.

‘The Five Fingers of the Creator’.

The edge of the throne shining beyond the five gigantic fingers, or the constellation.

An old man was sitting there.

Fidgeting with the several glass beads in her hand.

“… … …”

With an expression that I don’t know what kind of expression to make.


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Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound, Revenge of the Sword Clan's Hound, 철혈검가 사냥개의 회귀
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
He was the hound of the Baskerville family: Vikir. Yet his loyalty was rewarded by the blade of a guillotine dirtied by slander. “I will never live the life of a hound slaughtered after the rabbit is caught.” In place of death, an unexpected opportunity awaits him. Vikir’s eyes glowed red as he sharpened his canines in the dark. “Just you wait, Hugo. I will rip out your throat this time.” It’s time for the hound to exact bloody revenge on his owner. < strong >[MTL]< /strong >


  1. Raider says:

    This was good.

  2. naofumi says:

    La verdad no entendi mucho porque ellos no puedieron volver a su mundo y eso es confuso

  3. Un lector agradecido más says:

    Fue un buen viaje, una novela entretenida, no pudieron volver a su mundo pero Vikir, aparentemente, decidió vivir en el mundo original junto a Ayen, Camus, Dolores, Sinclair y Kirko, parece que vivió muchos años y tuvo muchísimos hijos, hasta que finalmente decidió que era hora de morir, yendo al abismo de la magia, parece que lo último que se encontró antes de descansar en paz, fue a lo que supongo que voy a interpretar como el Dios de este mundo, de esta novela.

  4. Un lector agradecido más says:

    Respondiento a tu pregunta, ¿Por qué no pudieron volver a el mundo dónde se desarrolló la obra? Bueno, creo que es porque la puerta que abrió Andras, Piggy la cerró, por lo tanto, como bien dijo este en su último diálogo con Vikir, ya no habría vuelta atrás, no podría volver al mundo dónde todo ocurrió. Esto es así porque en el mundo original dónde se transportaron, Andras ya fue asesinado, completamente, así que no hay otro demonio que obtenga el poder para abrir puertas dimensionales.

    Esa sería la explicación que se puede inferir en base a lo que sabemos, ahora, sinceramente, es algo como un hueco, total, si Camus pudo literalmente revivir a los muertos, algo que ningún demonio pudo, ¿Cómo es que no puede abrir puertas dimensionales?

  5. Zhen Wu says:

    Fue un buen viaje gracias por traer esta serie y no se *se llena de un vacio existencial*.

  6. Amineer says:

    Very good, 10/10. The AI was bad at some parts but other than that it was great. The ending brought a smile to my face.

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