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The Priest of Corruption Chapter 260

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“What do you mean there’s nothing left?”

“Ahahahaha… I will.”

As we followed Desperacio in a hurry to the building area where the survivors had gathered, we were greeted by corridors and spaces full of normal people. After confirming that Desperacio had appeared, the survivors scrambled to approach Desferacio and asked questions about the current situation or when this situation would end, in a friendly manner.

Desferacio took the survivors’ questions leisurely, reassuring them and telling them to go back to their rooms and get some rest.

As the crowd that had gathered for a short time dispersed, Cardisho, who had been standing still next to me and watching the situation so far, opened his mouth.

“I really doubt that the author is the same person who abandoned them just a moment ago and packed up to escape.”

“I agree.”

Honestly, just looking at the current situation, Desferacio seemed like a true savior chosen by heaven to overcome the disaster that befell the capital of the Northern Empire.

Its true identity was one of the six libertio prophets that caused this incident. No, did he rise to the position of six prophets because he was able to act at that level?

Desperacio came back to us only after he calmed down the little kid who was asking questions that were really meaningless in the current situation.

“Hey, they’re all fine. A little embarrassing.”

“Then what happened to the monster?”

He glanced at me and then shrugged.

“Should we look for that now?”


I don’t intend to spend a long time here. In my mind, I wanted to find Dakiane first. However, it took me a little bit to get out of there, knowing that something had obviously entered this place.

Because so many people died today, I was somewhat responsible for aiding and abetting this ceremony, so I wanted to save people within my reach, at least even now that I had everything I wanted.

Even if it is very hypocritical and cowardly.

“Let’s find one quickly, shall we?”

I don’t know how to find it, but I nodded my head. When I nodded, Desperacio patted Lily on the shoulder as if she had been waiting for her.

“Then, Lily, please take a look around the first floor with Cardisho over there.”


As soon as Lily heard Desperacio’s words, she frowned, looked at me and Desperacio alternately, and fired at me.

“Why do I have to move with that woman? Just move with you and me and tell them both to go to the first floor!”

“Lily. Please.”


As if her serious voice had worked, Lily glared at Desferacio once more and reluctantly trudged on.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going?”

Cardisho looked at Desferacio and said to Lily.

“I haven’t agreed to this operation yet?”

“I think that unlucky bastard you’re following around already half-agreed?”

Only then did Cardisho’s gaze move away from Desferacio and towards me. I exchanged glances with her for a moment, then nodded slightly.

“Quickly take a look and come back.”

Cardisho turned his back and walked towards Lily. As the two disappeared downstairs, Desferacio opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.

“Finally, the target to keep an eye on together is gone! If that Gwanghwigyo priest is there, it’s because our movements are limited. isn’t it?”

That was right. Desperacio continued to talk quietly even though I had no answer.

“Sometimes, it’s really hard to understand that Priest Marnak doesn’t know why he goes with him. No matter how you think about it, going around with self-proclaimed good god priests means that evil god priests like us have a lot of restrictions on our behavior.”

“It’s useless talk, let’s find the monster quickly.”

“Yes, it is. After all, it’s not an area I care about. Please follow me.”

Desperacio, as if looking for some clue, moved on without hesitation and went somewhere. I followed him and asked a question.

“Did you find out anything?”

He answered in a very pleasant tone.

“Oh that’s it. It’s because I asked people a little while ago. I heard that there are a few people who have just moved up from the first floor. Once you meet them, there must be a clue to what happened, right?”

Wasn’t the fact that you willingly accepted the questions from people earlier?

It took quite some time for Desperacio to move his steps as he greeted each person by name while walking down the hallway.

I didn’t rush him to say hello. I was just asking a question that just popped up.

“Why are you memorizing every single name?”


Desperacio tilted his head as if he really didn’t know why.

“Because that side is of course useful in many ways, right?”

“Did you try to throw away and run away so easily, even though you meticulously memorized each name?”

“No. no. Priest Marnak.”

He spread a finger and wiggled it in front of me.

“I have never tried to easily abandon these people and run away. As you can see, the fact that I am still here is proof of that!”

“What do you mean you’ve already packed everything?”

“That’s because Lily told me that Priest Marnak came here. It’s easier to stimulate Priest Marnak and get information if you’re packed. As you can see even now, thanks to packing up and creating the situation, Priest Marnak is still with me.”

I couldn’t tell if he was just making up things at random, or if Desperacio really planned it on the fly.

But what is certain is that Desperacio is paying attention to the people here.

“From what I’ve seen so far, I don’t think I’ll bother abandoning the people here even if I leave.”

Desperacio just smiled and shrugged.

“That’s something I don’t know. I’m not as good as Priest Marnak, but I’m a pretty heartless person. You could really throw it all away and run away! Oh, it’s all here. This room.”

The room was tightly closed, as it should be. Desferacio knocked lightly on the door and opened it without hesitation.

“Mr. Carlson! I’m here because I have a few questions for you!”

I wondered if something bizarre was going on in the room, but this time, contrary to my expectations, there was only a middle-aged man sitting on a bed resting.

A man called Carlson opened his eyes wide when he saw Desferacio.

“…Isn’t that Desferacio-sama? What are you doing here…?”

“As I just said, I have a few questions for you. Didn’t you just come back from duty on the first floor?”

Carlson nodded.

“Oh right. I just got back from my shift and tried to get some shut-eye. Because of the situation, I think it would be better to take a break.”

“okay! By the way, did anything special happen while you were watching on the first floor?”

“It’s special…”

He held his chin, pondered for a moment, then opened his mouth again.

“I don’t have anything that comes to mind right now. If there’s anything strange about it, the first floor was overly quiet. To the point where it feels like no one is there but me.”

“Hmm. okay?”

Desferacio nodded and listened to Carlson’s words. Carlson continued to speak slowly with a slightly tired face.

“So I was a little worried about what was going on, but when the shift time came to an end, everyone showed up looking fine one by one. Looking at that, it just seems that this building itself is a place with good soundproofing. Well, since it’s a building normally used by priests, that might be enough.”

“that’s right. That makes sense. By the way Mr. Carlson.”


After a short pause, Desferacio stretched his back and spoke in a slightly lower voice than before.

“Is it because I was born not too long ago? The lies are very sloppy. The handling of the situation is also immature. I just heard that 4 people went into this room in the first place, but you’re sitting there all alone like this…”


It took an instant for Desperacio’s body to be thrown backwards. He flew off and crashed into the wall.


Carlson’s face split in half, and the protruding red tentacles disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Eyes met with the monster covered in Carlson’s skin.

Without hesitation, I brought out my despair and cut down the monster. Carlson’s severed arm flew up into the air, and the man withdrew his arm, broke the wall, and disappeared into the next room.

I glanced at the arm that was swaying and shouted at Desferacio, who was still cooing.

“Are you okay?”

At the same time as my question, a stream of blood ran through Desferacio’s blue mask.

“It hurts to death. Ah, I should have told Priest Marnak in advance to protect me. I was trying to get a cool form for no reason, but I got hit with this one properly. Leave me alone and follow me first. I’ll follow you as soon as I feel better.”

I gave a small nod and threw myself through the hole the monster had made to chase after it. After passing through the hole, only the door to the room was left open.

As I stepped out into the hallway through the open door, I was greeted by a dead silence.


There’s been a wall-breaking commotion just now, but no one shows their face, right? As a result of walking with Desperacio, I saw that there were quite a lot of people behind that closed door.

I tried to find clues by smell instead of sound, but I couldn’t smell anything else because of the thick bloody scent that filled the city from the time that monster appeared.

Then, a scream was heard from somewhere.


I quickly moved my feet and ran into the screaming room. A middle-aged woman crouched down and shivered.

The walls of the room had huge holes on both sides, as if a monster had already broken through.

I approached the trembling middle-aged woman and patted her on the shoulder.

“Did you see which way the monster went?”

The middle-aged woman barely raised her head and pointed to a hole in the wall.

“Suddenly, something red broke through the wall and appeared and disappeared over there.”

“okay. thank you First of all, this place is dangerous, so I think you should go to another floor.”

After hearing my words, the middle-aged woman grabbed my trouser leg and stretched out.

“Four priests! What if I run into that monster while I’m on my own? Could the priest come with me?”

It made sense. I answered slowly, gently pushing the woman’s hand away.

“Maybe I should chase after the monster…”

Sharpen your five senses. But nothing caught my senses. Only the terrible smell of blood stings the tip of the nose.

However, the sixth sense beyond the five senses howled.

In response to the terrible murderous intent that could not be hidden that was spreading from behind.

“…probably safer.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and swung the sword in his hand.


The heavy feeling proved that I had swung the sword properly.



The scream of a middle-aged woman intersects with the sound of air escaping from the monster’s throat. Because it was tougher than I thought, I grabbed the monster’s body and kicked it as it was.

The monster’s body was slammed into the wall. I picked up the still-screaming middle-aged woman and gently threw her into the next room without hurting her. It hit the floor and made a short sick sound, but it was far better than having that lady just stay here and get caught up in it.

“Like Desperacio said, maybe it’s because he was born so soon, but something is sloppy.”

I haven’t even heard the sound of breaking the walls in this room, but I can only hear the woman’s scream?

It was an unbelievable story. No, it was a story that made sense.

If that monster had intentionally only let me hear that sound.

Perhaps that monster had the ability to control the sounds around it. The ability to disguise as a human is a bonus.

I roughly brushed off the monster’s blood stained with despair and smiled at the gore monster that had almost completely recovered before I knew it.

“How are you going to escape this time? Well, of course it won’t be easy, kid.”

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